Dream of: 06 April 1987 "Slaughtered Deer"

I was the witness of the systematic slaughter of thousands of broad-antlered deer. The deer were herded together in the forest and fields by armed men mostly riding horses and then driven through mud and snow while the men began shooting them as they ran along. The killing was merciless. The trail along which the deer was driven was littered with thousands of bodies. I began screaming out, "You murdering bastards," as the men passed me. But I didn't actually seem to be present at the scene and it appeared no one heard me.

Some of the deer were driven into a creek and herded along the creek. Cows also seemed to be in the herd and they likewise were killed as the herd moved along. And the weather was freezing cold so some deer were freezing to death and the dead bodies quickly became stiff and rigid. At one point the men rested and the live deer lay down. But suddenly the drive recommenced and the deer immediately sprung to their feet and began moving.

I thought something could be done to prevent the slaughter which apparently took place yearly. Perhaps a group of people could camp out in the area where the hunters stayed and try to prevent the killing. It would probably amount to practical warfare between the two groups.

I decided I indeed wanted to take part in such an endeavor. I particularly wanted to be involved in the legal struggle to save the deer. I knew I would need to thoroughly learn about the laws concerning the subject to be able to legally combat the slaughter. I would need to meet someone who could assist me if I were to have difficulties.

I was able to hear another man opposed to the killing give a speech on the subject. The thrust of his speech was that the killing could be stopped due to one thing: money. Apparently he believed the hunters were exploiting the deer and the general public was unable in any way to benefit from the exploitation. He apparently viewed the deer as other domestic animals which could somehow be used for profit if the slaughter by the hunters was stopped.

After hearing him I saw an image of a large picture with a number of large domestic animals including a cow, a horse and a reddish-brown chicken. I myself was opposed to killing any of the animals, but I reflected that at least some things, such as feathers, did come from those animals. The deer however were just being killed and left to rot. So perhaps the man who had spoken did have some valid points, although I was still not in agreement with him.

Finally I did meet with some other people who were prepared to protest the slaughter of the deer. We were in a building and began walking down a hall. Some of the people stopped at one point thinking they had to wait for something, but I and some others continued on. As I walked I decided I would feel better if I floated, bent my legs at the knees and raised my feet up behind me. I was thus able to float along with my feet off the ground in a very pleasant movement.

When we reached the end of the hall a woman (probably in her early 30s) asked me how I was able to float like that. I was flattered that she was interested. I began explaining that it was necessary to first take a deep breath and I tried to demonstrate. But when she was watching me I had a difficult time floating because her scrutiny made me a bit nervous. Suddenly I wondered if I had been dreaming when I had been floating. Was floating something I was only able to do in my dreams or could I likewise do it in waking life?

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