Dream of: 04 April 1987 "Coronet"

A number of other men and I were exercising in a gymnasium and after a while one man and I began exercising together. He was probably in his early 30s, several centimeters shorter that me and fairly muscular although also slightly overweight. We lay on our backs, each interlocked one of our legs with the other and exerted pressure trying to pull with our leg. I was surprised that even though he was more muscular than I, I seemed stronger.

After thoroughly exercising one leg, I told him I wanted to exercise the other leg so I wouldn't feel out of balance. But first I did an exercise on my own by lying on my back and then arching myself up in the air so that I was standing on my hands and feet. I could feel much pressure in my back. Then the other fellow and I continued exercising the other leg.

When we were finished, I noticed a black woman (probably in her late 20s) had entered the gym and was watching us. She was dressed in black and was quite attractive. I immediately recognized her as a woman who used to live with me, but who had left me. She began talking and I soon inferred she had moved in with another man with whom she had had an unhappy experience. She now wanted to return, she said, to two men. I remembered that before, she had actually been living with both me and the fellow with whom I was exercising. Although the woman and I had had a pleasant relationship before, I didn't think I wanted to return to it.

I noticed everyone else seemed to have left the gym except us. The woman also left, so that only the other man and I remained. When we stood to also prepare to leave, I noticed a few men still near the exit. Gradually the other men began moving toward us and I quickly realized they were going to menace us. I was unsure what the problem was, but I definitely felt threatened. I backed up toward a rear exit and I was able to slip out before the men could stop me. My companion however was unable to follow me and he was trapped inside.

Outside I immediately encountered two other men who grabbed me and pulled me down so I was sitting on the ground. One of them began talking and I learned they were apparently upset about an ad which had been put in a newspaper. The ad said something about "Two _________s and a coronet." They mistakenly thought the other fellow and I had put the ad in the paper and that it had something to do with our living together with the woman. I gathered that they also mistakenly thought the man and I had some kind of sexual relationship with each other.

One of the men holding me, who was dressed in a white tee shirt and white gym shorts, screamed at me and asked what I thought the ad sounded like. He asked what one would do with a coronet. I replied that it sounded like something one would blow. I then realized he was interpreting the word "blow" in its slang sense of "performing fellatio." Suddenly I noticed he had pulled his penis up above his shorts and I realized he was going to try to insert it in my mouth. I immediately screamed "I'll bite it off. You put it in my mouth and I'll bite it off."

I was serious too. When he hesitated I screamed to some people walking on a sidewalk nearby, "Help, help! I'm being raped! Call the police!"

I was unsure anyone heard me or that anyone would help, but my attackers were caught off guard for a moment and I was able to break free. I ran from them toward a building where I thought I could find help. Suddenly, however, I was intercepted by another man holding what looked like a long shiny butcher knife. He was obviously on the side of my attackers and he threatened me with the knife. I didn't think he would actually stab me, but I was unsure. I tried to slip past him to the building.

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