Dream of: 27 March 1987 "Bats"

My sister was sitting in a hard-back chair in a bedroom and she seemed to be wearing a long night gown. She had her feet pulled up on the chair with her knees to her breast, and with one hand near her chin, was pensively watching me. I was sitting on the floor on some old-looking reddish carpet and I had picked up a rather large, white grasshopper, which was holding what appeared to be a fuzzy, brown caterpillar. I managed to pry the caterpillar from the grasshopper and I even spoke to the grasshopper as I did so, telling it to release its hold.

After putting both insects on the floor, I noticed a third large brown woolly animal but I didn't know where it had come from. After scrutinizing it, I suddenly said to my sister, "It's a bat."

I could see its black, leathery face; now it seemed to be holding onto something which it wouldn't release. I decided it should be killed. Seeing nothing better to use, I picked up a shoe and struck the bat with the shoe's heel. Injured, the bat quickly crawled under a dresser. I tried to hit it again but before I could, it crawled under the rug I was sitting on. I began pounding and pounding on the rug where I could see and feel the bat crawling. But I seemed unable to kill it and it continued on, although its pace did gradually abate.

Suddenly I noticed another bat on the bed. I quietly walked to the bed and quickly hit the bat's head with the heel of the shoe. To my amazement the creature began unfolding and from what had only been about 20 centimeters long came a  brown fuzzy creature which looked like a snake over a meter long.

Before I could regain my composure the creature jumped from the bed and crawled under it. I knelt down, looked under the bed and thought I could see two beady eyes about half way back starring at me. It was definitely going to be extremely difficult to reach it. I wished I had had a hammer or a knife when I had started. But I wondered if I would have been able to stab it with a knife. I turned to my sister and said, "Boy all I can say is I'm glad I don't have to sleep in this room."

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