Dream of: 26 March 1987 "Surrealistic Landscape"

Some scientists had attached some scientific equipment to my brain so my mind was able to communicate directly with the mind of my brother Chris, who seemed to be my son. I found myself apparently inside the mind of Chris and I seemed to be floating over an intriguing, surrealistic landscape which somewhat resembled a sandy desert under a night sky. I seemed to be in direct contact with Chris, although the newness of the event for me only allowed me to barely perceive any direct communication from Chris. All that was around me seemed to be part of Chris, but actual communication seemed extremely faint.

I was however enjoying the event and thought I could probably manipulate it to some extent. The thought of a "creator" occurred to me and almost immediately partially in the sky and partially on the sand I perceived a colossal shadow of a human, adult figure holding the hand of a small child. The shadow didn't appear to be the shadow of some actual figure, but rather looked more like an artistic drawing. I moved around and was about to see it from a different perspective and wondered what the actual figure behind the "shadowy creator" was like. The idea of my seeing the actual figure seemed intimidating and improbable.

It seemed as if I could very vaguely feel a slight reproach from Chris, as if I didn't understand his state of mind and as if I weren't exerting myself enough to communicate with him. I felt my connection beginning to weaken, opened my eyes and vaguely saw lying before me on a table a small baby with wires attached to its head. I identified the baby as Chris. I could tell that he was ill, probably with muscular dystrophy, and could barely move. I had had doubts about the experiment before, but now I suddenly realized that indeed some benefit might be gained. Perhaps the experiment could reveal what caused Chris's illness and a cure could be found. With renewed resolve I called out, "Chris, can you hear me? Chris, can you hear me?"

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