Dream of: 11 March 1987 "Lona Noria"

I had gone to visit Kim (a woman a few years younger than I whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977) who was living in what appeared to be a small used-book store. I hadn't seen Kim for a while and I was unsure what I was going to talk about with her, but I thought I wanted to tell her how much I really cared about her. My ideas were scrambled, but it seemed I even wanted to bring up the subject of marriage. After I had arrived at the store, however, and before I was able to speak with her, I fell asleep.

I suddenly awoke after having had what seemed like a fairly significant dream about Kim. In the dream I had seen Kim's name written in large letters in an arch over a door. Her name in the dream was spelled "Lona Noria." I also specifically noted the letter "n" in Lona had a piece missing out of the top so it looked as if it could also be the two letters "r" and "i." Another woman who owned the store where Kim worked had also been in the dream and that woman's last name had been "Ashtke."

Kim (probably in her late 20s) was sitting by my side when I awoke. She was thin and had long brown hair, but she didn't look at all like Kim. Rather just something about her essence made me identify her as Kim.

I immediately wanted to tell her about my dream, but at once I saw she was unhappy about my being there. I detected it wasn't because she herself didn't want me there, but rather Ms. Ashtke (who actually did exist and who was in the next room) didn't want Kim to have visitors. I made some comment about Ms. Ashtke and Kim replied, "She is good enough to let me stay here."

I thought it was ridiculous to be dominated by the woman merely to have a place to stay. I myself could have easily provided Kim a place to stay. But it was obvious Kim was upset about my presence and I would have to leave. She seemed as if she didn't want to offend me and she was worried I would be angry with her. But it was too late. I was already irritated with her and I began preparing to depart.

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