Dream of: 10 March 1987 "Young Hawk"

As I was sitting in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse, looking down at Symmes Creek, I noticed what appeared to be a bird floating on its back in the creek. The bird looked like a robin or a crow which had somehow fallen into the creek and now couldn't get out. I decided to try to help the bird, found a bucket and headed for the creek intending to scoop the bird out of the water.

But as I was walking toward the creek, I saw that the bird had turned over onto its stomach and was managing to swim toward the bank. When I reached the bank the bird had already crawled out of the water and I was able to scrutinize it. It stood up on its feet and I could see that it was a large bird but still very young. It was black and white and had huge claws with feathers over top the claws like an eagles. Finally I concluded the bird was a young hawk which had probably just left the nest for the first time.

I quietly approached it and tried to put my bucket over top it. I thought I might try to capture and raise it. But it escaped me and before I could act, flew away.

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