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Dream of: 27 February 1987 (2) "Thinking Capacities"

Some people (mostly women) were gathered together and lying on a beach. One woman, who was tall and had light brown hair, was wearing a bikini. She had a very attractive figure, although she probably needed to lose a few kilograms. The attention of the other women had turned toward her as it had somehow been revealed that the woman had once long before had a baby and had given it up. As it turned out, one of the other women in that very group had adopted the baby.

Someone commented about the "real mommy" and indicated she might cause trouble. Gradually the tone of the group turned ugly and they began criticizing the real mother. Finally she got up and walked away, but it looked as if the group was intending to follow her to persecute her.

I was nearby and had witnessed the scene. There was another complication in the matter because I myself had recently had an affair with the woman, the real mother. My affair was unrelated to her formerly having had a baby and having given it up, but I still thought the people had found out about our affair and were likewise persecuting the woman for that.

A couple women were with me and together we jumped in a swimming pool. I began trying to explain to them about the affair, how it was over and now nothing was between me and the woman. I felt rather desperate in trying to clear up the situation. One woman began soothingly talking to me, told me that I was becoming mixed up and that I had nothing to explain. She told me the only difference was that I now spelled my name in Spanish. I wasn't completely sure what she meant by that, but I concluded it had something to do with Spanish's being a romantic language.

Nevertheless I decided to follow the woman and the crowd that was harassing her because there was still a further wrinkle in the mess. The woman was married and her husband was an extremely good friend of mine. I felt that the word was now out that I had had an affair with the woman and that I needed to talk to her husband to try to clear it up.

I followed the group to a commercial building where everyone went onto the second floor. I was now wearing a pair of blue jeans, a white shirt and a sports jacket. A man in the group dropped a small piece of paper and I picked it up for him. Typed on the paper were a few lines which said something about expanding one's thinking in a 19 minute time space.

That made me recall that the group that was following the woman was actually an organized group that was involved in expansion of their thinking capacities. The piece of paper simply represented a new exercise they were using to show how that if one concentrates within a 19 minute time space in increasing one's thought capacity, that actually one could succeed in expanding time for oneself. The husband of the woman was the leader of the group and I myself had taken part in the group's activities and I had enjoyed them.

Suddenly I saw the woman's husband (about 35 years old). He had short, light hair and seemed quite fit. He was dressed in a comfortable-looking suit. I immediately walked over to him and I could tell that he was aware of my transgression. In fact the group now seemed focused on the subject. I looked at him and asked if he could just give me 19 minutes of his time so that together we could concentrate on the subject and try to resolve it. He seemed to shrug as if it would be too difficult at the moment for him to break away from the others, but finally, as if realizing that the best thing might be to confer with me, he said, "Sure, why not."

We walked together to a room, but the door was locked. Another room was nearby, but I didn't want to use it because I was afraid someone else from the group might interrupt us. I wanted to be completely alone with the man for just 19 minutes. I still deeply valued our friendship, felt he was an extremely reasonable and caring person and felt it was still highly possible for us to resolve the situation and continue being friends. If we could just be alone and think together, I thought wonders were possible.

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