Dream of: 26 February 1987 "Jonah"

I had gone to the house of a man (probably in his early 30s) who apparently was an artist. As he and I conversed, I related something strange which had recently happened to me. I had become aware that at some time in the past I had made quite a few life-sized busts of a woman, from the shoulders up, apparently out of a type of plaster of Paris. The woman had appeared to be a Greek goddess or warrior.

Curiously, I had completely forgotten about having created the busts. After having made them, I had apparently left the busts with someone who had sold them. Although I had now been made aware of the busts, I was extremely perplexed because I still had no memory of them. It was as if a type of amnesia had come over my mind. I attempted to recall some event which would bring the memory back to me, such as the method of making the statues whether I had actually sculpted the busts or whether I had poured plaster into a cast. I even tried to remember whether I had signed my name somewhere on the busts. But I only drew a blank.

The empathetic artist seemed to understand what I was saying. As our lively conversation continued, we focused on the topic of art, then switched to the subject of God. I told the artist that people often made the mistake of trying to bargain with God. I personally didn't think it was possible to bargain with God and thought it was folly to try. I said, "For example, God might tell you to go to X and do Y and you might then say that you will go to X and do 3/4s of Y and 1/4 of Z."

I had almost said "go to Nineveh" instead of "go to X," recalling the biblical story where God had ordered Jonah to go to Nineveh. But I decided not to use biblical references.

As I continued explaining my theory about bargaining with God, I wanted to connect what I was saying with art. I explained that only when a man did what God instructed, and didn't bargain with God, only then could a man produce true art.

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