Dream of: 25 February 1987 "Strong Current"

I was sitting close to Symmes Creek down below the Gallia County Farmhouse. My brother Chris was playing near the shore close to a small willow tree. Suddenly he slipped over the bank and disappeared into the water. I watched for a few moments in astonishment waiting for him to resurface. But when he didn't come back up I went into the muddy water and began trying to find him.

I was surprised that the creek was very shallow, probably only a half meter deep. I stayed on my knees and moved my hands about trying to bump into Chris. Hardly any current seemed to be in the creek; he couldn't have gone far. But the seconds ticked away and still I couldn't find him.

Since I knew my step-grandfather Clarence was up at the House I hollered out, "Grandpa! Grandpa!" and Clarence suddenly appeared on the shore. I immediately told him what had happened and without hesitation he jumped into the creek. He likewise began searching and moved quickly farther down stream. I followed and began to perceive how the current was becoming much stronger. Clarence went on ahead of me and appeared to be standing on a canoe going over rapids as he probed into the water with a long pole. I didn't have a canoe and I was very apprehensive about going farther into the rapids. I could feel the current becoming much stronger and I was afraid I would be injured.

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