Dream of: 21 February 1987 "Free Lance Reporter"

I was working as a free lance reporter and had gone to a gathering of what appeared to be patrons of the arts or people involved with the arts. About 30 people were seated at two tables in a large room. One person at a time began asking questions or making a statement. As they did so, I noticed what appeared to be a small balloon would rise into the air over the table. After the person had finished speaking, he or she would leave the table so that gradually the number of people began to diminish.

I wasn't entirely certain what I was going to say, but suddenly a woman called out my name, Steven, and I knew I was now expected to speak. I stood and identified myself as being a reporter. I slowly began talking and I gradually realized I wasn't going to ask questions but was actually going to give what amounted to a speech which I thought could probably last for about 15 minutes.

Although I was in Dallas, I couldn't remember the name of the city. I told the people that the city reminded me of Columbus, Ohio where I told them I had once lived and worked. As I continued to speak, it gradually became clear what I wanted to say. I wanted to point out that there was a great deal of artistic diversity in the city that needed to be opened up to the common people.

For example I mentioned a nearby university which contained both some kind of art gallery and also a large auditorium. I wanted to note that different artistic outlets were available to the public, but that only a small portion of the public took advantage of them. For example although many people went to events at the auditorium, they were mostly students.

I had gradually moved to a neighboring room. Most of the people had followed me and they seemed interested in hearing what I had to say. It almost seemed as if our roles had been reversed and that they were reporting on me.

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