Dream of: 20 February 1987 "Able"

I was in a room sitting on a couch. I thought my brother Chris was lying next to me to my right. I felt very alone and wanted him to talk to me and I said, "Speak to me Chris."

But he didn't say anything. I then noticed that a fellow was sitting on another couch not far from me and I asked him to come sit by me. He was probably in his late teens and was extremely, one could say grotesquely, obese. He lumbered over to me and sat down on my left. But I immediately told him I wanted him to sit on my right. He tried to stand back up but fell on to the floor. I immediately helped him onto his feet, although it was difficult because he was so heavy.

He then lay down on my right with his head in my lap with his face turned up toward me. That was exactly the position I wanted him in because I wanted to be able to touch his face so I could better communicate with him.

I felt that he was somehow related to me, but I had ignored him for a very long time. In fact I felt embarrassed because I couldn't even remember his name. Finally I said, "I don't even know your name."

I was thinking that his name was "Abel" but I figured that surely wasn't it and I didn't say anything. Suddenly he said, "Abel."

I said, "I was thinking it was Abel. I don't know why I didn't say anything, but I thought it was Abel."

He then said his full name and it sound to me like it was "Able Gecollier." But then he said that it was "Able Ca Collier." The name "Ca" sounded rather peculiar to me. First he told me the name came from France but then said it actually came from Central Africa.

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