Dream of: 12 February 1987 "Welcome Home Jesus"

I was sitting in the living room of the House in Patriot with a group of people involved in some kind of singing class being taught by a man who resembled my old law professor, Mike Morrison. My mother was one of the members of the class. Finally it was time for someone to sing solo and Morrison called out my name. He told me he wanted me to sing the next song, which was "Welcome Home Jesus."

I had never heard of the song before and I was unsure how it went. Since we didn't have any musical accompaniment, but were simply supposed to read the music and sing by sight, I knew I was going to have a difficult time. Although I could sight-read when playing a musical instrument, I didn't know how to sight-read and sing.

I dropped my book and lost my place. The book was very small, only about four by six centimeters, and only had about 20-30 pages in it. I quickly began thumbing through it looking for the song "Welcome Home Jesus" but I simply couldn't find it. Finally I told Morrison I didn't think the song was in my book and he told me to look in the back in the index. I did so and began reading the names of songs there, but again I couldn't find the song "Welcome Home Jesus."

I was hoping someone around me might tell me on what page the song could be found, but it seemed as if no one was supposed to help me. Finally I noticed some pages had fallen out of the middle of my book and were lying on the floor near me. I told Morrison I had found some missing pages. I was sure the song must be on one of them and I quickly looked at them, but to my disappointment, I didn't find the song on them either.

In desperation I turned to my mother and asked her what page the song was on; she told me, but when I flipped to the page in my book, the song wasn't there. At last I went up to Morrison and told him I didn't believe the song was in my book. He began writing down some page numbers and told me the names of songs, but he didn't mention the song "Welcome Home Jesus" and I told him that was the one for which I had been searching, but it no longer seemed important that I sing that particular song, just that I sing something.

So I stood in the middle of the room and prepared to start singing. I thought my voice would sound all right, but I had no idea which notes to sing.

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