Dream of: 06 February 1987 (4) "Catastrophic Consequences"

I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse with my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel, who was preparing a meal. I received a phone call from Kant Brito (a friend from the Dominican Republic whom I met in Puerto Rico in 1980) who informed me he would like for me to meet someone in about an hour somewhere in Dallas and pick up a pound of marijuana for him.

He gave me some information about the transaction and he said I would have to give the person with the marijuana about $30, plus I would have to pay the person and additional $49 which Kant already owed him. The deal was supposed to be simple, and I wrote down the information. We mostly spoke in English although once we spoke in Spanish when I thought Clarence and my grandmother might be able to overhear. I noticed how much Kant's English had improved. Once he even called me "Bud" which seemed to indicate how well he had mastered the English slang.

I was still unsure whether I wanted to act as an errand boy in a marijuana transaction. It seemed relatively safe, but if I were arrested, the consequences could be catastrophic, especially since I was an attorney. I might even be disbarred. I definitely needed to reflect more before making a decision.

Even though I didn't yet have all the information, I told Kant I had to go eat and would call him back. He gave me his number and I hung up. I knew there wasn't much time left and I walked to the table. Clarence was seated at a long table spread with a white table cloth and covered with food. My grandmother was still putting things on the table. As I took my seat, I was still concerned with the drug deal. What a shock it would be for everyone if I were arrested. More and more I began to think that the deal wasn't a good idea, although I still thought I might do it.

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