Dream of: 06 February 1987 (3) "Life And Death Drama"

I was riding in a car being driven by my father. My mother and my brother Chris were also in the car; we were headed for the Gallia County Farmhouse. We knew in advance we would have to park the car about two kilometers from the Farmhouse and walk the rest of the way. Walking so far would be difficult because Chris (due to his muscular dystrophy) would have to be carried; we also had some other things which needed to be toted to the Farmhouse. I suggested we first drive the car to the Farmhouse, unload everything and then I would drive the car back to where it had to be parked and walk back alone to the Farmhouse. My father thought my idea was great and he wondered why he hadn't thought of it himself.

As we rode past the old Shelton farm (about five kilometers from the Farmhouse) I saw an old white church on the left side of the road. About a fourth of the church had been cut away like a piece of pie, exposing the interior, which appeared to be in very good condition. It looked as if the walls were covered with fine-looking, light-colored paneling. I thought maybe someone was remodeling the church.

As we rode along, I began reading a magazine. The cover displayed a picture of president Jimmy Carter who had been shot in the chest. The pictures inside the magazine seemed almost lifelike.

In a flurry we arrived at the Farmhouse and when I walked inside I found Jimmy Carter in a back room being tended to. He still had the bullet in him and some men who were apparently doctors were hovering around him. The man who seemed to be in charge was Guinn (who had been my Constitutional Law professor in law school).

I wanted to help and I thought I would even like to know more about medicine to be able to assist in emergencies. I stayed with the doctors. At one point I walked out to the living room for a moment and saw my father reading a newspaper or magazine on the couch. He seemed completely uninterested in the life and death drama in the next room.

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