Dream of: 06 February 1987 "Acknowledging God's Existence"

While traveling, I had taken a small room in a hotel located right in the bus station. After waiting quite a while in my room for my ride, I finally became impatient and walked outside to see what was causing the delay.

As soon as I stepped out of the room, I became concerned about having left my possessions inside. I was afraid someone might steal something. I was lugging quite a few accouterments with me as I traveled, and I had left them scattered all about the room. I was especially preoccupied about my black dream notebook, which I had left lying in the middle of the floor. After turning and walking back into the room, I picked up my notebook from the floor and decided to stick it in the drawer of a writing table.

When I opened the drawer, I immediately saw some money lying inside several bills in green United States currency, mostly ones, with perhaps a couple five's mixed in. I now remembered that I had once before been in this room under similar conditions, and at that time I had left the money in the drawer. How fortunate that I had now returned and found it.

As I quickly gathered up the money, I also noticed some United States postage stamps in the drawer, a number of two cent stamps and several other sizes. I quickly scooped up the stamps; but after I had them, I was unsure where to put them. I walked to a back door and locked it from inside. Then I walked back to the front door and stepped outside again. Once I was outside the front door, a little old man stepped up and helped me lock it.

I headed to a waiting room where people had gathered to wait for their rides. I was in Columbus, Ohio and was headed to a place about 150 kilometers south of Columbus. Cincinnati had once been at the location where I was going, but Cincinnati had been moved farther west.

As I shuffled about the waiting room, I met another fellow with whom I began talking. When he informed me that he wanted to travel to Turkey, I straightaway advised him he was going in the wrong direction, that he needed to head for New York. Although he seemed quite disoriented, I had the feeling that he had traveled widely. Grateful for my advice, he left to seek a ride to New York.

After he walked away, a revelation suddenly occurred to me I wouldn't be leaving the city after all.


Suddenly I remembered Don Juan was here in one of the rooms of the station. I had first encountered the old Mexican Indian sorcerer Don Juan in the books of Carlos Castaneda. I now knew I wasn't going to depart the station alone, but that I was going to find Don Juan here in the station and leave with him. I knew Don Juan would be preparing to go on a mystical journey, and I had decided that I would accompany him. I had taken the mystical journeys before; but after realizing how dangerous the journeys were, I had abandoned Don Juan. Now I felt as if it were time to return to Don Juan, if he would accept me back.

I walked out of the waiting room and into another room where Don Juan was lying on a table, apparently sleeping. I stared at him in wonder; he didn't even resemble a human. His form was so bizarre, it defied description. Although he was about the size of an ordinary person, his body was green, with the color and skin texture of a large green pepper. More than anything, he resembled a big lizard.

When I walked over to him and tried to wake him, he suddenly appeared to come to life and uncoiled in front of me. He somehow managed to sit up on the table, allowing me to discern the markings of a face through his wrinkled green skin.

Sensing that he was in a jovial mood, I instantly wrapped my arms around him. Unafraid of him, I gushed that I had returned and was ready to accompany him again.

As I described some of my feelings, Don Juan exuberantly began talking about God, acknowledging God's existence and our relationship with God. I had never heard him talk of such matters before and I hadn't even known that he believed in God. I was so happy to hear what he was saying, any reservations I might have had about going with him disappeared.

Some other people in the room also intended to accompany Don Juan. One was a woman (probably in her 20s). Another was a pretty young girl (probably just a teenager). Black-haired and extremely attractive, she had never accompanied Don Juan before. However, it seemed that before she could go this time, she was going to have to show her conviction in some way. For this reason, she stepped away from the others, into the middle of the room, and pulled off the white tee shirt she was wearing.

She continued to disrobe down to nothing. Although for some reason I didn't actually see her body, I had the sensation that she exuded a dazzling beauty. But her intense beauty wasn't of a sexual nature. Even though I felt some slight sexual attraction to the girl, my feelings were restrained by other sentiments. My sexual attraction had become surpassed by a stronger feeling of beauty and purpose.

I noticed lying nearby an apple out of which several bites had been taken. A small worm was crawling out of the apple.

Also in the room were a father and his teenage son, likewise intending to go on the journey. However a slight rift had opened between the father and son. In the eyes of the boy, the father had succumbed to his sexual thoughts when he (the father) had seen the girl take off her clothes. The boy told the father that when we left on the journey, the girl must remain nude, but that she must not be bothered. The boy also said that the apple must go on the journey with us, just as it was, with the worm in it.

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