Dream of: 02 February 1987 "Black Diamond"

I had started going to high school again. I rose one morning, dressed and got ready. But before I left, my mother wanted me to do a few chores for her. I began doing the work and before I knew it a couple of hours had passed. Finally she wanted me to carry a couple heavy items up into the attic of the house. One was a type of end table which had a drawer filled with comic books and was very heavy.

I carried one of the items up and came back down for the other. I was unhappy I had to do the work for my mother and I let her know so. What bothered me most was that there seemed to be no end to things she wanted me to do. I told her that after I had finished carrying the things up into the attic she would probably find something else for me to do, like fixing a hole in the wall. And no sooner had I spoken than she walked over to a light-colored wall and showed me a hole about the size of the heel of a shoe which she said needed to be fixed.

That was the last straw. I told her how exasperating it was for me to have prepared to go to school and now to have to be doing the work. I had become all sweaty and abruptly told her I simply wasn't going to school that day. She became upset and tried to persuade me to go even though I would be late.

I had missed the last two days of school and I was very far behind in two science classes. In fact I was so far behind and had missed so many classes I knew I was going to fail. I didn't even see any point in attending those classes any more because I couldn't pass them now. I did however have a couple of other classes which I could pass if I continued to go. And there weren't going to be many more classes. However, I began to think I might just quit school altogether. I remembered having been faced with the same decision once before and realized the nice thing about it was that I had already gone to college and law school so even if I now quit it wouldn't hurt me.

I lay down on a couch and adamantly maintained that I wasn't going to go today. However it quickly became evident that if I didn't go to school I was going to have to find something else to do because it wasn't pleasant simply lying there on the couch watching the time slip away.

Suddenly a woman friend of my mother's and her son came in the room for a visit. The son's name was Ramo but (although I didn't realize it at the time) he looked just like a German fellow I had once known named Rico. He looked as if he were in his early 20s, was thin and had dark hair. I was a bit surprised to see him here because he also was supposed to be in school that morning.

He seemed very high-strung and almost resembled a punker. He stood up in the middle of the room and began talking apparently about some type of drugs which he had done. It seemed he hadn't actually taken drugs but had used some other less dangerous method of obtaining the same type of effect which drugs produced. I had the feeling a lot of what he was talking about and his general demeanor was simply an act and that underneath it he wasn't nearly as extravagant as he would lead one to believe.

I wondered for a moment if Ramo had ever been hypnotized and considered perhaps hypnotizing him myself. But I wasn't entirely sure I would know just how to do it.

He pranced about describing his experiences and the different types of substances which had induced them. He was also wearing a large ring on one finger which seemed to have a large multi-colored stone in it. He would sometimes look at the ring in order to be able to describe a particular type of drug better. Apparently the ring acted as a kind of sparkling catalog for him.

I asked him if he had every taken any "Black Diamond," which I thought was the name of a particularly powerful type of drug. Even the name of the drug was intriguing to me and I envisioned a diamond with a shadowy type of brilliance. Ramo began looking at his ring to see if he could find a Black Diamond in it, but he didn't seem to be having any success.

It suddenly occurred to me it would be an interesting experiment for me to use what had just happened as the basis for constructing an imaginary dream. I could base the imaginary dream on the actual events but modify them somewhat as I saw fit. I pulled out my mini cassette player and began talking into it. My mother was still in the room and began listening; Ramo also listened.

I began the imaginary dream. I said I had decided to skip school one day and Ramo had come over to visit me. My mother interrupted me and with a disgusted tone and said, "Ramo." I continued talking and said I had been thinking of quitting school altogether since I realized I already had a law degree and that it wasn't really necessary for me to go to school. I then said, "Ramo then pulled out a little round ball."

I had decided in my imaginary dream to let Ramo have a type of multi-faceted, very small crystal ball instead of a ring which he was using to look into.

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