Dream of: 25 January 1987 "Only Fantasies"

A young woman (in her early 20s) who reminded me of my old girlfriend, Birdie, had found a house in the country near Portsmouth, Ohio which she wanted to buy. Although she intended to borrow the money from a bank, she would still need a down payment of $10,000. Having decided to try to borrow the down payment from a man who vaguely seemed like my father, she approached the man and told him of her plan. He seemed extremely reluctant to lend her the money and he pointed out that if she were to abandon the property before she had repaid him, he would probably lose all he would have lent her.

I went to visit what I thought was the house in question. Quite large, it sat in the midst of what appeared to be fertile farmland. The reddish-looking dirt in an extended field behind the house had recently been plowed. I thought if I lived there how nice it would be to be able plant a garden out back.

It slowly began to occur to me I could live in the house if I wanted because this house wasn't the one Birdie had wanted to buy, but actually was one which my sister had either bought or leased and into which she had just moved the day before. I had already discussed with my sister the possibility of moving into an upstairs bedroom and I finally decided to do just that.

I was standing in the kitchen still looking out over the plowed field behind the house when I noticed my sister in the room. We talked a bit about the man who plowed the field; I thought it might be possible for him to plow the garden for me which I had been thinking about.

It seemed as if it would work out well for me to live in the house. It was quite spacious; I thought my sister and I could get along well together. She and I were both unmarried, she had two young sons who needed someone to help take care of them and I rather liked the idea of being part of a family. It shouldn't seem peculiar that I was simply renting a room from my sister.

My sister showed me a large room filled with groceries which almost seemed like a small grocery store. She said she used to be accustomed to going to the grocery store every day and shopping, but she had decided to start stocking up, apparently because she was living in the country now. She led me into the spacious living room where a warm, brown color-pattern predominated. The room was much nicer than I had expected and it had large picture windows covering two walls. Along the walls the floor was recessed lower than the rest of the room so one was left with an elevated feeling in the middle of the room. The room seemed extremely comfortable and well-furnished.

I walked upstairs by myself to the room which was going to be my bedroom. I relished the idea of living there. I wanted to be sure no conflicts arose between my sister and me and I thought of little things like washing the dishes. I simply might be able to pay her an extra amount, perhaps $25 a month, for her to wash my dishes. I would have to make clear that the money was for the dishes and not part of the rent so she wouldn't later start complaining about the dishes.

I lay down on the bed and fell asleep. When I awoke, it was morning and I knew I was supposed to go to church that day with my mother. I needed to rise and begin preparing. I was nude; I liked the feeling of walking around nude in front of my sister; I hoped while I was living there she might feel the same way about being nude in front of me.

I was in no hurry to get out of bed. I rolled over and looking on the floor beside the bed, noticed a large pile of perhaps thousands of pennies. Most had turned a dull brown color but some bright shiny ones were still in the bunch. A couple shiny ones had wheat ears on the back. Since wheat ear pennies had ceased to be coined in 1955, I thought those should be saved since they were obviously still in such excellent condition. I picked the two shiny wheat-ear pennies up and examined them.

Both pennies had the image of Abraham Lincoln on one side. One had the date of 1970 on it. How could that be? Wheat ears hadn't been coined after 1955. I turned the penny over only to discover it didn't have the wheat ears on the back but another image of Lincoln. I flipped it back and forth several times to be sure; but there was no doubt Lincoln's image was on both sides. It might be a valuable coin.

I examined the second coin and found that it likewise didn't have the wheat ears on the back but that it had the image of some other famous person there. It also had some small writing which said it had been specially treated to stay shiny longer. I thought it might also be valuable and I decided to save it.

My mother walked into the room and wanted me to hurry and get ready for church. I pulled the covers from me so I was completely nude. She didn't say anything about my nudity. But why should she? I remembered she and I had been nude together many times, in fact we had even had sex together. But that thought seemed to cause me some discomfort and suddenly as if by revelation, I realized that wasn't correct. My mother and I had never actually had any type of sexual relationship. Only fantasies or dreams had actually occurred. It came as quite a revelation to me.

I glanced at my wrist watch and saw it was about ten after eight. I told her we were already late because church was supposed to begin at 8 o'clock. She seemed distressed to hear we would be late, but she wanted to go anyway. I told her we could go to the church, but I didn't want to go inside unless the doors were still open and other people were going in. I thought there were other churches we could go to that began later. She agreed with that.

She walked into another room; I could hear her talking with my sister. My sister and the two boys had arisen and were also thinking about going to church with us. They hadn't planned to go because they hadn't wanted to leave so early, but now that we were late, they thought they might go.

Still nude, I walked out into the hall and over to the toilet. My mother was in the toilet and my sister was standing in front of the mirror. She seemed to be wearing a white sweater but she didn't have any bottoms on except for a pair of white panties. I stood looking at her long legs, but then I noticed there seemed to be a protrusion under her panties as if she had a penis. Dismayed by the sight I returned to my room and dressed.

As I finished dressing, my sister's two sons, David and Steven, walked into the room. David began talking; I was surprised to hear what sounded like some French words in his speech. In fact he had a very developed French pronunciation. Where had he learned the French? I remembered it was much easier for children to learn a language than an adult.

Steven, however, hadn't yet reached the stage where he could speak well and I wasn't much interested in him. I soon sent Steven out of the room and continued talking with David. I began to think since I was living there, I might start teaching David a language and only talk to him in that language. He should be able to pick it up fairly quickly. I was unsure which language I should teach him and I vacillated between French and Spanish. I asked David and he said he wanted to learn German, but I quickly decided German wouldn't be the best language to start with.

I decided Spanish would be best since in the United States Spanish would be the foreign language with which he would most come in contact. French was much less wide-spread. I told him of the decision and he seemed satisfied. I decided to begin immediately. I walked over to the door and said, "Este es una porte." I immediately realized I had confused French with Spanish, corrected myself and said, "Este es una puerta."

David immediately repeated my words and I was delighted he could respond so accurately. I walked over to the bed. The French word "lit" for bed was in my mind but I correctly said in Spanish, "Este es una cama."

Again David faithfully repeated my words. I myself was unsure whether I should be saying "esta" or "este," but I thought I had been correct. I continued talking and using more complicated sentences; David rapidly picked up the words. I repeatedly confused the French and the Spanish, but David seemed to understand me. He was soon talking away in a mixture of French and Spanish which I mostly understood. I still didn't know where he had learned his French, but he apparently had picked up quite a bit somewhere. We were finally conversing in a mixture of the two languages which was really not any language at all; but we were able to understand each other.

Finally we stopped and I realized David was quite intelligent. It showed especially in his dark eyes which had a knowing and eager look about them.

I thought I needed to go somewhere and perhaps I would take David with me. Before I knew it, however, I found myself sitting at a desk in a school room and David was nowhere around. I noticed my billfold lying on the desk along with a pencil and a small notepad. I picked up the billfold and stuck it into my right rear pocket. I usually put my billfold in my left rear pocket but something was already in that pocket. I reached to see what was in the left pocket and was surprised to see it was my billfold. I pulled the other billfold out of my right pocket and saw it wasn't mine at all.

Just then the fellow sitting in front of me turned around. I realized the billfold and the other objects which had been lying on the desk had been his and they had slipped out of his back pocket. I thought he had seen me pull his billfold out of my pocket and I began trying to explain what had happened. He took his billfold back without saying anything.

The class ended and I walked out into the hall. Suddenly I heard the fellow who had been sitting in front of me holler out, "Pickpocket!" I immediately confronted him and told him that was untrue. We had a brief argument and I thought the fellow was clearly going to become an enemy.

It was time to eat and I walked to the lunchroom. I was given a plate of broccoli covered with a watery, light-orange cheese sauce. I began eating it but I didn't care for it. The sauce seemed cold and made the plate rather nauseating. Suddenly it occurred to me what the problem was I had quit eating milk products! The cheese sauce seemed rather revolting and I decided to put my plate down without eating any more.

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