Dream of: 22 January 1987 "Porch Swing"

I was lying down in the living room of the House in Patriot and my sister was sitting up on some kind of high table or dresser not far from me. My first cousin Alan was standing in front of her talking to her and he had his left hand on her bare, right leg. She tried to move his hand away from her leg several times and she complained to him that she didn't want his hand there, but each time he put it back.

Finally without even thinking I hollered out, "Ralph or Frank or whatever the fuck your name is, why don't you take your hand off her leg!"

He looked at me wide-eyed in disbelief that I could have said such a thing to him. Finally he turned, started walking toward me and asked me if I fucking intended to stop him. He wasn't wearing a shirt; he was quite a bit bigger than I and I figured if it came to a fight, he would have a big advantage. But I told him that indeed I did intend to stop him. He told me I should mind my own business. A short struggle ensued. But I quickly gained the upper hand, threw him onto his back and stood poised over him with my fist drawn close to his face. But I didn't strike him.

I began talking to him and asked him how old he was. It sounded as if he said he was 38 years old, about 4 years older than I. But he was still running wild like a teenager. I reflected how even though I was younger than he, I had seen and experienced much more than he. I specifically thought of experiences I had had with hallucinogens and I thought I could tell him I had seen things he couldn't even imagine. But I said nothing.

He seemed to have gotten the message to leave my sister alone. Satisfied, I walked out onto the front porch and sat down on the porch swing. I began swinging but the large swing I was in kept bumping into a smaller swing to my left that looked as if it were made for a child. Finally I got up, unhooked the smaller swing and laid it out of the way. I also had to unhook a hanging plant and put it to the side. I thought Alan had been the one who had put the smaller swing and plant there and that they were obstacles to enjoying the larger swing. I sat down in the larger swing and thought I would now be able to swing as high as I wanted.

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