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Dream of: 21 January 1987 "Ace Of Hearts"

I was sitting at a table in the basement of a house playing cards with three or four people. We had been gambling and betting on each hand. We had been playing some kind of game beside poker and I decided that when it was my turn to deal I was going to play a hand of poker, perhaps seven card low hole.

The deal came to the fellow to my right and he dealt a hand of stud poker with jacks wild. I received a jack in the hole and my first up card. The person to my right received a jack up card. Everyone bet and another up card was dealt. A couple others received jacks and the person to my right received his second jack. That meant, counting my jack, that five jacks had been dealt. I figured we must be playing with two decks.

The dealing and betting continued until the very end. I stayed till the last, but I still wasn't able to make a playable hand and I folded. Everyone else folded to, except the fellow to my right with the two wild cards; he won.

It was my turn to deal. I picked up the cards (which were very small) and I began shuffling. Cosby (a former law school classmate) was the player sitting to my left; I dealt to him first. I dealt cards around the table, but several times I made mistakes by giving one person too many and I had to take cards from one person and give them to another. No one asked for a re-deal.

I picked up my cards, which were all red. I noticed I had made a mistake and given myself six cards instead of five. I moaned and told the others what had happened. Someone said that one of the cards simply needed to be taken out. I held my cards with the backs to Cosby so he could pick one. One of my cards was an ace of hearts. I hoped I wasn't holding my cards so the person to my right could see them.

Cosby picked a card and threw it down on the table so everyone could see it: the deuce of diamonds. I looked at my hand now and realized all the remaining cards were hearts. I had a flush! And I wouldn't have had a flush if Cosby hadn't picked the diamond from my hand.

We began betting and we talked as we played. The person sitting to my right wasn't the same as before. Now sitting there was a very attractive black woman (about 30 years old) whose skin color was a medium degree of darkness. She appeared to have a nice figure. We were acquainted, but I didn't know her well. She was wearing a dress and as we talked, my bare foot rubbed against her ankle. She didn't seem to mind and finally I let my ankle rest against her ankle. The contact with her flesh felt extremely good. We chatted a bit and I definitely wanted to get to know her better. I thought perhaps I would ask her to go somewhere, a restaurant perhaps, after the game was finished.

A second woman brought us some kind of refreshment. When the second woman talked I wasn't able to understand her. It seemed as if she might be speaking Old English. I had earlier not been able to understand someone else when he had talked and I commented on the fact.

We had reached the last round of betting and I was still holding my flush. It was up to me to start off the betting. There was a 20 cent limit, but I thought I would sandbag, bet low and then everyone would stay in. I bet a nickel. The player to my left bet a nickel. Perfect. Everyone stayed in and when the bet came back to me this time I raised 20 cents. Since everyone had already bet, they would probably be inclined now to stay. I felt very confident with my strong hand and the pot was now quite large.

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