Dream of: 18 January 1987 (2) "Too Good To Pass Up"

Some men who vaguely resembled my father and some of my friends were showing me some maps. Looking at the maps was almost like watching a movie. In the background, someone with a soothing voice, like a commentator in a documentary film, was describing the places found on the maps. The voice finally concentrated on some islands on the map, apparently small independent countries which I had never heard of.

The map at which I was looking didn't seem to depict any part of the earth which I recognized. In fact, the map seemed almost indecipherable. However the more I looked at the map, the more it looked like Europe, with Spain missing. I could now see the islands about which the commentator was speaking. One island was in the area which I would have identified as the Atlantic Ocean, while a second island was in the area which corresponded to the Mediterranean Sea. A large white arrow pointed to each island. It occurred to me that the island in the Mediterranean was closer to where we presently were.


I was standing waist deep in clear blue water off the beach of one of the islands I had seen on the map, the one in the Mediterranean. The voice of the commentator could still be heard in the background, gently describing the area and pointing out one of the attractions of the island a long, very thick fish which looked like a snake and which swam in these waters. The fish was a protected species and supposedly harmless. Suddenly one of the odd-looking fish (which had flowery protrusions all over its body) swam right in front of me. Some nearby children began chasing the fish through the water and trying to play with it.

I wondered what had happened to my father and my friends. Although I didn't see them anywhere, I had the feeling they were nearby.

I finally began wading out of the water toward the sandy beach, which was crowded with people swimming, sunbathing and enjoying life. Some people were even participating in a flag-raising ceremony right on the beach. When I was close enough, I saw the name of the island was written on the flag something like "Saint Martin." But what caught my attention were several references to ducks. The flag had a picture of a human-looking duck on it, the words "Howard the Duck" were written vertically on the flagpole, and nearby was standing a small statue of a humanoid duck.

I wanted to see more of this strange and appealing land. Few people had probably ever visited this tiny country it would certainly be someplace to tell people about. Deciding to take a look around, I began walking toward a road which I could see just beyond the beach.

As I walked across the beach toward the road, I overheard something which a woman sitting in a lounge chair was saying to her companion. Talking about the value of property on the island, she said, "Just a small area the size of a city block is worth $100,000. Imagine if you had two continents of it."

I continued across the beach until I reached the road. When I walked across the road, I suddenly found myself starring over the wide vista of a gigantic green golf course, definitely the largest one I had ever seen. But I was surprised to see the waters of the sea just on the other side of the golf course. That could only mean I had already almost walked across the entire width of the island. It must be very tiny, indeed.

Although there were practically no trees in sight, I was nevertheless awed by the greenness of the golf course. I even muttered, "It's beautiful." However I had some small doubt about the beauty of this place.

Up ahead of me, in the middle of the golf course, lay a little rise in the land, a place to stand and look out over the island, perhaps the entire expanse. As I walked across the golf course toward the elevated area, I noticed many sunbathers, mostly young women, lying scattered about on the grass. When I reached the elevated spot, I passed through a stone gate, and entered an area laid with white marble.

Only now as I stood on the marble and looked out over the surrounding area did I realize the impressive green grass was actually artificial. Beginning to question the beauty of the place, I wondered if all the grass on the island was artificial.

But I soon became focused on something more interesting than the grass lying on the grass all around me were dozens of sunbathers, mostly beautiful young women. Although I had been aware of the sunbathers on my walk up here, only now did I begin to appreciate the intense concentration of female flesh in the area.

My attention became completely absorbed in the women. Their bathing suits seemed to barely cover them. I even thought I could see the pubic regions of a couple of the women when they turned a certain way. I finally concluded the entire area must be a country club. It looked as if the sunbathers either owned or rented certain spaces on the green turf, and as if it wasn't permitted for the general public to walk there.

I broke out of my intense perusal of the women long enough to notice one woman standing to my left and smiling at me. She was a blonde (about 20 years old) with bright white teeth. She was so attractive, I was surprised to see the brazen way which she was staring at me. I wanted to speak with her but was uncertain what language was used here. However it suddenly occurred to me that English was the language of this island. Glad to realize I would easily be able to communicate, with little hesitation I stepped closer to the woman and asked, "Is the green area private property?"

She immediately responded that the whole area was public property I could go and lie wherever I wanted. To illustrate the point, she walked out onto the green turf and lay down. I hastily told her I didn't want to lie down at the moment, but that I might want to later.

This was great! I was becoming more and more excited. And practically no other men were in the area, only women. Another woman with long black hair walked up near me. Through her almost transparent white shirt I could clearly distinguish her curvy breasts and dark nipples. She walked a couple of meters away from me, lay down and began doing some exercises. I became rather entranced with watching her, and although I couldn't tell for certain, I thought for a moment that she might also be wearing a white diaphanous bra. Clearly her breasts were visible for all the world to see.

I wanted to go tell the others my father and my friends what a great place we had stumbled onto! As I ebulliently took off running down some steps, I encountered another beautiful brunette in a black bikini walking up the stairs. Her large firm breasts looked as if they were simply struggling to unfetter themselves from the top part of her bikini. It was all I could do to refrain my impassioned hands from abetting their escape.

But as I frenetically continued running down the steps, I realized I couldn't grab the woman's breasts anyway, for I was already holding something in my incontinent hands: two large fish, apparently trout. I concluded I must have just caught the fish a few minutes earlier. Both fish were about a third of a meter long and I was having trouble carrying them because they were still alive and trying to flip out of my hands. When I reached the bottom of the stairs and started to head back across the road, I suddenly dropped one of the fish and watched it slide across the road into the gutter. I ran toward the fish just as a couple of poor old black men were about to pick it up. I managed to snatch up the fish before the black men, then took off running toward the beach.

What was I going to do with the fish? I figured we must have an ice cooler in which I could store them. But suddenly I remembered I no longer ate fish. That was too bad. I was sure the fish would have tasted great. Well, the others could enjoy them. I continued running, still thinking of all the voluptuous bodies but wait! Oh my God! I suddenly remembered I had also given up sex! I had agreed with God that I wouldn't have sex any more. How could I explain to God that this opportunity was just too good to pass up. My body was riven, already aching to be with one of the beautiful creatures I had just seen. It seemed futile to try to resist.

In my mind I seemed to see myself falling into some deep pit with hands clutching me as I fell.

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