Dream of: 17 January 1987 (2) "Uninterested"

While I was lying nude in a bed (my mother sat on my right in a chair next to the bed) with a blanket over me which at times covered little more than my genital area, my sister also climbed into the bed and lay with her head at the opposite end of the bed straight down from me.

I soon felt my sister's hand moving up my leg and finally rubbing and grasping my penis. I was surprised she was doing such a thing and I tried to pull the covers completely over me so my mother wouldn't see us. I enjoyed my sister's caressing and I was disappointed when she stopped and just let her hand lay on my leg. I reached down and again placed her hand around my penis and she began massaging me again.

My sister finally rose and left. My mother also disappeared. When I also stood up naked from the bed, my sister (fully clothed in a dress) walked back in. She was looking for something and she knelt down to look under the bed. I stepped closer to her, positioned myself so my limp penis was near her head and thought perhaps she might stick it in her mouth. Even though I touched the middle of her forehead with the tip of my penis, she didn't seem interested and she ignored me.

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