Dream of: 14 January 1987 (3) "Afghan Rebels"

I was on my way to Paris, France and had made a stop in eastern Iran close to the border of Afghanistan in a place where a large number of Soviet troops were stationed. Several trucks pulled up which appeared to contain some peasants. As the peasants began getting out of the trucks I saw they were carrying machine guns and I realized they were Afghans fighting against the Soviets. The Afghans wasted no time and immediately opened fire on several truckloads of Soviets.

I wanted to help the Afghans fight the Soviets and I imagined myself in the fray. I could see myself running toward the Soviet trucks, picking up a machine gun dropped by one of the stricken soviet soldiers and opening fire on the surprised soviet soldiers. In my imagination I sprayed shots all over the soldiers in one of the trucks, although I didn't seem to be killing anyone. Indeed one of the soviet soldiers got out of the truck and spoke a few words of English with me. My reverie was broken as the soviet soldier was led away as a prisoner by the Afghans.

The battle was over. I enthusiastically began talking to one of the Afghans and praised their effort. We spoke in French and he asked me where I was from. I answered, "Je suis Americain. Je suis en route a Paris."

Another Afghan seemed surprised to see me here but they all seemed to accept me as a friendly presence. I commented that they could have really made an impact if they could have surprised a larger soviet contingent which had earlier been in the area. I then wondered how many of the Afghans had been killed in the short battle. I said, "Cuantos ...." but realized I was speaking Spanish and started over in French, "Combien de ..." I was having a difficult time saying the words and I made a motion toward the area where the Afghans had been fighting. The Afghan obviously understood what I was trying to ask him and picked up the sentence saying, .".. leur de monde?"

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