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Dream of: 14 January 1987 "Binding Force Of Ideas"

I was listening to a radio when a talk program began on which Kim (a friend whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977) was the speaker. Kim began talking and I became absorbed in what she was saying. She turned out to be a very good speaker and seemed to be talking in both a philosophical and an artistic vein. During the course of her talk she emphasized that poetry was the binding force of her ideas. She stressed the point more than once.

I was very impressed that she was on the radio but I was somehow not surprised because I thought Kim was capable of wonders if she set her mind to something. It seemed to me that it had taken her some time to find her way but she seemed to have used her time well in developing a very sound philosophy. I thought her having reached the point of talking on radio would probably affect my relationship with her. I thought that once a person was able to speak on the radio, he or she reached a new plateau and old friendships would tend to dissolve. I had already seen such a thing happen once with a friend. But I wasn't unhappy about the fact and I was glad to see Kim succeeding.

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