Dream of: 12 January 1987 "Dividing The Inheritance"

I was driving a car in which Buckner was riding in the passenger seat. I decided to drive to the House in Patriot and I headed in that direction. When I arrived, I saw the rear of my father's light-brown Volkswagen Rabbit in the garage. I had known my father had been there but I had thought he had already departed. Although I didn't particularly want to see him, I decided to stop since we were already there.

Buckner and I walked into the kitchen and Buckner sat down. My mother was there straightening up the House. My grandmother Leacy had died just a day or two earlier and her property was going to be divided up soon. I kiddingly asked my mother whether she had already begun sneaking things out. But then we became more serious and talked a little about how things should be divided. At first I thought the inheritance would be divided three ways between my mother, my uncle Ronald and my uncle Liston. But then I realized my uncle George would also receive a part of the inheritance and that the estate would therefore be divided four ways.

Since George wasn't capable of managing his share of the inheritance, a trustee would have to be appointed for him. I remembered that once before Ronald had been appointed trustee for George, but I didn't think Ronald should be appointed again. I even thought it might be advisable for me to be appointed.

I realized my grandmother's funeral would take place later today and that more relatives, including my uncle Liston and his family, would soon be arriving. I could already imagine my uncle Liston declaring that my grandmother was now in a better world. Somehow I was just not so sure.

I wondered if Buckner would want to go to the funeral with us; it might be interesting for him. He didn't have a suit or any clothes other than the casual ones he was wearing, but I thought that wouldn't much matter.

For myself, I decided to start getting ready and I walked into the toilet to take a bath. I undressed, started the water running and climbed in. The hot water soon ran out and just cold water was coming through. But the water in the tub would be hot enough if I hurried and finished. Just as I had lain down on my back and begun to relax, the door to the bathroom opened.

Three or four girls (all 15-16 years old) walked into the bathroom. They all had black hair and obviously had some oriental blood in their veins. I felt somewhat exposed as they stood over the bathtub looking at me. I didn't know whether they could see my penis, but I said something to the effect that they shouldn't be in here and they turned to leave.

But then I realized I actually rather enjoyed their being there with me and I told them they could stay. They turned back toward the bathtub and one by one, with their clothes still on, climbed in with me. They all sat down at the end of the tub where my feet were and I began talking to them.

I noticed my brother Chris (7-8 years old) had also turned up in the bathtub. In fact I had felt him under the water and I pulled him to the surface realizing he was having a difficult time. I held him in the water with my right arm. He was completely nude.

All the girls were my cousins; I began talking with one, who told me she had been going to a school in Texas called South Texas. I had heard of it but I couldn't remember exactly where it was. I thought it was either in Waco or in a town south of Waco.

As we talked my hand brushed against the girls leg, which felt bare. It was a pleasant feeling; was she now completely nude?

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