Dream of: 11 January 1987 "Divine Inspiration"

inspiration flows

from concentration on the

mighty will of god

After traveling back in time to the early 1800s, I found myself in the White House, interviewing the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, who had just completed two years as president, and who was looking forward to the prospect of being president for six more years. Andrew Jackson was also in the room. Jackson had not yet become president, and (I knew) that he would not be president for another six years.

Both Reagan and Jackson had some idea - but were uncertain - that I had traveled back from the future, and they suspected that I knew what the future had in store for them. Although they wanted me to, I would not presage their future for them. Nevertheless, we had a hearty discussion, and we talked about how happy Reagan was because he thought he would be elected again for a second term.

Our conversation finally turned to Andrew Jackson's present role. He was not yet president, and although he held a high government position, he was uncertain that he would someday aspire to the presidency. Jackson knew that he was receding into old age, and since Reagan would probably hold the presidency for six more years, Jackson was unsure whether he would run for president at the end of Reagan's tenure.

Although I knew that Jackson would run for president, I did not come right out and tell him. Indeed I recalled that Jackson would ultimately be elected twice and would serve as president for eight years.

Both Reagan and Jackson seemed about the same age - probably in their mid-70s. However, even though they were so old, they were both robust, strong and healthy. I asked them which one would be the oldest while serving as president and they calculated that Reagan would be the oldest. I concluded that Jackson was somewhat younger than Reagan.

I was surprised that the men were talking so openly with me. They seemed completely at ease, almost child-like. At one point Reagan opened the window and hollered to a pretty, young, blonde lady passing by outside who worked in the White House. He apparently had a penchant for flirting.

I finally came to a question which seemed important to me, but which I was uncertain they would answer. Basically I wanted to know about their relationships with God. I began by saying that in days of old, kings had claimed to receive divine inspiration when they had made their decisions. I asked if there were ever times when, in making important decisions, the actual decision was just too close to make and they simply called upon God to make the decision and followed God's advice. As I talked, I had an image in my mind of the head of a white-haired man who had a small humanoid figure sitting on his forehead whispering to him.

Before I could receive an answer, however, both men had to interrupt the interview to attend to other matters. They abruptly walked out of the room, leaving me by myself. I remained alone for quite a while before finally deciding to leave. Since I did not want to exit through the main door and disturb either of the men in the other room, I began looking for a way out through one of the tall, door-like windows in the room.

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