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Dream of: 10 January 1987 "Statue Of A Sheep"

I was outdoors with a group of men, all of whom (except me) had their heads shaved. We were engaged in some kind of ceremony. It was the first time I had ever taken part in the ceremony, but I knew the basic procedure. We were in the process of marching around, single file in a little circle. The next step in the ceremony would be to march single file to a nearby statue of a sheep and there one of the men would speak for a couple minutes.

I had earlier surveyed the area and I knew that a small statue of a sheep was near us and I thought that was the one the men probably used. However I had also discovered another larger statue of a sheep a little farther away which I thought was more appropriate. Suddenly one of the men indicated that I should lead the group to a statue of a sheep for the ceremony to continue. I hesitated, decided to take the group to the larger statue and began leading them toward it. But all the men didn't go with me -- the group split in two and part of the men headed toward the smaller statue.

The area we were in looked vaguely like a cemetery. We hadn't gone far when we stopped at what in a way seemed like an open grave and we marched around it. I then realized the larger statue of the sheep I wanted to take the men to was across a road and I thought it might be a mistake to take them over there. I began telling them it was too far away and that we should turn back. But they insisted, in a kind way, that we continue on.

We continued marching and crossed the road. On the other side we marched into a house and straight into the living room. I knew another group of people lived in the house. The other group also conducted some kind of ceremonies about this time of day. I had visited them before and I had even taken part in their ceremonies which were very different from the ones of the people I was now with. There even seemed to be a slight, undeclared rivalry between the two groups. But no one in the group I was with, except me, had ever visited the other group.

I was surprised to see that the group in the house wasn't involved in any type of ceremony at the moment it must be their day off. Instead about a half dozen men were sitting and lying on the floor, most wearing tee shirts, and eating pizza in front of a television. I recognized one slender fellow (probably in his late 20s). I quickly explained that I had brought the members of the group over to visit them.

I immediately felt uncomfortable. The bald men with me however seemed as calm as ever. The inhabitants of the room likewise seemed embarrassed by the situation. I thought they obviously would have liked to have been informed before being visited by us. One at a time they excused themselves and left the room. Finally only my bald companions and I were left.

The television was still going and I realized how impractical it would be to try to continue with the ceremony with the television on. I asked one of my companions how long the speech session would be and he said it would take about a minute and a half, but that we had to wait for the rest of the group (the members who had earlier split off from us) before we could continue. I hadn't realized until now that the others were also going to show up. I thought maybe when they came we could quickly proceed with that part of the ceremony here and leave.

The pizza was still sitting on the floor. We hadn't been offered any, but we weren't in the mood for pizza anyway, especially since it appeared that it might have some kind of meat on it.

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