Dream of: 01 January 1987 "Logarithms"

I was sitting in a pew in a church during some kind of services. Sitting next to me on my left was a woman (probably in her early 20s). I had been whispering to her and, although I had become quite sexually attracted to her, I had made no open demonstration of my attraction. Finally on impulse I simply put my left hand on her right knee. A sort of desk was in front of us which shielded my action from being seen by anyone.

The woman was completely surprised and squirmed a little as if to shake my hand off. However I held resolutely to her knee and finally she quietly acquiesced. She was wearing a dress which came down right about to where my hand was. She was also wearing white hose. She continued to keep her legs pressed firmly together so I couldn't put my hand between them. All I could manage to do was to slip my fingers between her knees.

I whispered to her that we could do something together after church. She whispered back that she had to study her "logins." I thought she was a student and that "logins" was another word for "logarithms." I told her I could help her with them.

Finally to my surprise and delight she separated her legs. I quickly began running my hand up the inside of her leg and, encountering no resistance, I continued all the way to her crotch. I began passionately caressing her through her hose and panties. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying my fondling and I decided to stick my hand inside her panties. I raised my hand to the top of her panties and began to stick it down inside. Her skin was soft and pleasant to the touch, although it did seem as if she might need to lose a little weight.

Before I had reached my goal, she suddenly stopped me. I tried to proceed but she was determined I should not, and finally I had to relent. I whispered to her that after church I would like to take her to an open field and have sex with her. But it suddenly occurred to me that I really didn't know her that well and that if I had sex with her, I would be taking the chance of catching a venereal disease. So I added that actually what I wanted to do was simply simulate having sex with her.

The idea of simulated sex seemed much less appealing to me than actually having sex and I wondered how it would take place. It occurred to me that perhaps I could use a condom. But what if I wanted to have oral sex with her? Would I put my condom-protected penis into her mouth? I had never done that and the idea seemed rather bizarre. But having intercourse with a condom didn't seem much less bizarre. The whole concept of sex was beginning to seem less appealing under those conditions.

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