Dream of: 25 December 1986 (3) "Bales Of Cranes"

I was standing near a small creek and noticed a rather strange sight. Sitting in the middle of the creek were several large bales, square with sides of probably three meters, of what appeared to be large white cranes. The birds had been tightly pressed together in the bales and then wire and been passed around the bales to secure them. Some live cranes had come to perch atop some bales and it appeared that they might even be pecking and eating some of the dead cranes in the bales. I wondered if they were pecking out their eyes.

Looking closer I noticed that some cranes in the bales seemed to be making movements and it appeared they might still be alive. I began to think that the cranes indeed had been baled alive and were now slowly dying. The idea was startling that someone could be so cruel as to do such a thing.

I noticed that behind one of the bales was some kind of machinery, almost like a bulldozer which apparently had been used to bale the cranes together. A man was sitting on the machine and I walked over to him. I immediately began complaining in a harsh way about the treatment of the birds. I told him what he was doing was against the law and that I was going to contact the authorities and have him arrested. While I talked I stuck my finger in the wire that surrounded one of the bales of cranes. My finger became stuck and I began struggling trying to extricate it.

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