Dream of: 25 December 1986 (2) "Gloomy In Gallipolis"

I had received a letter from Sue, who also seemed somewhat like Judith (a Dallas friend several years older than I). I opened the letter and began skimming over the type-written first page, the lines of which were spaced so two lines were close together, then a blank line, then two lines close together again on down the page. I realized the first page consisted of a dream which Sue had written for me. I didn't read the lines closely, but simply raced over them to glean the general idea.

In the dream Sue seemed to be describing to a child some pleasant event with which she had been involved. Finally, in the last few lines of the dream Sue wrote that she had to hurry up and do something before she heard from "Gloomy in Gallipolis."

Although my name wasn't mentioned, clearly the reference was to me and I had the impression Sue might have become displeased with me. Immediately after the dream, Sue began her letter to me with, "Dear Steve,." Anticipating what Sue was going to say, I flipped to the end of the letter and saw that Sue clearly wanted to stop our correspondence. She wrote "Farewell until ....." It seemed she wanted to leave open the possibility of correspondence again at some future date.

The letter reminded me of one I had received once from someone else. I was sad that Sue wanted to stop corresponding.

Immediately after the letter was another dream. Sue seemed to have added the second dream as an afterthought. She appeared to be saying the second was the kind of dream which she was interested in having. I glanced at the dream and noticed the names of a number of French artists, including the name "Montaigne."

Following that dream was still another short dream which apparently had been written about a year earlier and which was another example of the kind of dream Sue relished. At the top of the dream was a notation which looked like "140 Fugue A." The notation was apparently some kind of musical reference and corresponded to the tempo of the dream, which appeared to be very fast.

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