Dream of: 22 December 1986 "The Titanic"

I was lying in a bed in the front room of the Logan Street House. A leak seemed to be in the ceiling and water was dripping on my head. Finally, the dripping turned into a steady stream and I had to get up to try to fix it. My mother walked into the room and I pointed the leak out to her. I had already repaired it once by sticking pencils into some holes in the ceiling and then breaking them off inside the holes. I tried the same technique again and finally was able to stop the leak enough to lie back down on my back.

My sister was lying beside me on my right. I could feel her leg and I ran my hand over it. She murmured something but I was unsure what it was. Finally, I put my hand between her legs. She immediately said something about the Titanic and took my hand away. I was a bit vexed and turned over with my back to her. She acted as if she didn't want to hurt my feelings and she began talking to me.

I suddenly reached over between her legs and picked up my own penis and testes, which I had earlier detached from my body and placed on hers. I then fitted them back between my legs. There was no pain involved in the event and I felt much better after having put the organs back where they belonged.

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