Dream of: 19 December 1986 (2) "Aztec Art"

While I was a student at some kind of school I stepped onto an elevator in which some boxes of things to be distributed to the students had been placed. On top of one box of books I saw some computer disks and I bent over to pick them up; but some rude fellow shoved me out of the way and began rummaging through the books in the box. Finally, he stopped. He hadn't taken the computer disks and he had simply pushed them aside. I picked them up and looked them over.

"DOS" was written in bold letters on the front of one of the disksóletters which I knew signified that the disk was a master disk for operating a computer system. I quickly saw that all the disks apparently contained material for some kind of military training. Uninterested, I laid the disks back down. The rude fellow got off the elevator and I thought I should probably later report his obnoxious behavior.

On the back wall of the rather large elevator was painted a mural which looked like either Mayan or Aztec art (I concluded it was Aztec). Looking closer at the painting, I was surprised to see among the obscure Indian symbols several small depictions of scuba divers and I wondered what they signified. Someone had defaced the painting by writing something in French in large white letters across its face, the last word of which was "chic."

An attractive, brown-haired, slender woman (probably in her late 20s) was on the elevator. I knew she was in one of my classes and I spoke to her. She walked to the other side of the elevator and I thought I would like to ask her out, but I was a bit timid. Finally, I called her back to me and said, "Would you like to go out with me sometime?"

She didn't respond at first and I added, "Like tonight."

She said she would go out with me, but that it could only be on Sunday or Monday. I asked, "What about the weekend?"

She replied that her weekends were already filled up. I assumed she had a boyfriend and I said, "That's quite a monopoly."

As I thought about which would be better, Sunday or Monday, I suddenly noticed Julie (a former law school classmate) on the elevator. I remembered I had once asked Julie out and she had accepted. However, I had never set up an actual date and I had never actually gone out with her. I didn't want her to hear me arranging a date with the other woman because it might hurt Julie's feelings. Finally, as quietly as I could, I told the other woman I would like to go out with her on Monday.

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