Dream of: 19 December 1986 "Oriental Cemetery"

I went to a ranch-style house in Portsmouth which belonged to either me or my father. While I was sitting in the living room, Nunley, Gary Shepherd, Larry Sheppard and a fourth fellow (all former high school schoolmates) walked in.

Someone had earlier told me that the fourth fellow had been talking maliciously about me behind my back. I immediately confronted him upon the subject and vigorously complained that if he had anything to say about me then he should say it to my face instead of pretending to like me and then later maligning me. He said nothing.

We all sat together in the living room and talked. Nunley said he had joined the marines after high school and now lived in the country not far from Portsmouth. I mentioned how young he and Gary Sheppard still looked (they appeared as if they were in their early 20s).

After a while they all left, another fellow showed up and I talked with him about the others. I said they had come to the house to pick up some cars to drive somewhere for someone and I suspected something criminal about the business. I also suspected the fellows had been staying in the house sometimes without my knowing it. I had previously spoken with my father about it, but he hadn't agreed with me.

The other fellow and I walked down into the basement which contained a garage. For some reason I began thinking of Mary Biester (a Dallas attorney) and it suddenly occurred to me that I would like to develop a romantic relationship with her. I definitely would like to have sex with her and I wondered why it had taken me so long to realize it.

The other fellow and I boarded a van and rode away (I was driving). We rode for a while and finally started up a hill on the outskirts of Portsmouth. Looking at the hill, I suddenly noticed some large, gray rocks on it, and I realized the rocks were actually tombstones in a large cemetery. I turned to my companion, whom I now recognized as Mohl (a Portsmouth acquaintance), and asked him if he had seen the cemetery. He said he hadn't.

I was surprised that a cemetery which I had never seen was in Portsmouth. However, it vaguely occurred to me that I had previously known the cemetery was there. I suddenly told Mohl to take over the steering wheel and I jumped from the van. Mohl grabbed the steering wheel, drove up the road a short distance and then drove the van back to me. I was standing in front of a large gate made of metal bars in front of the entrance to the cemetery. Mohl descended from the van and stood beside me. I opened the gate and stepped inside. Almost immediately I stepped into a large pile of dark green, cow feces and I realized cows were also kept in the cemetery.

I pointed out the cow feces to Mohl so he wouldn't step in it. Looking at the feces closer, I saw the distinct image of a man's face on top of it. It had obviously been created by someone and I told Mohl that someone had sculpted a face in the feces.

It was becoming clear to me that we were in some kind of oriental cemetery. As we walked, I realized we had entered into what appeared to be a small house with about two rooms. The house was actually an oriental tomb maintained like a house. I saw a woman's purse and I thought someone must be here taking care of the place. I walked through the rooms, saw a bed in one room and finally reached the kitchen. I saw a refrigerator and thought of looking inside to see if there was any food, but I didn't and Mohl and I walked back outside.

We continued walking behind the tiny house and I saw a person wearing a stripped coat which looked like a tiger skin. I realized the person was a young oriental woman who appeared to be involved in some kind of ceremony. I didn't want to interrupt her, but I did have some questions I wanted to ask about where I was.

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