Dream of: 18 December 1986 (3) "Mexican Transaction"

I had gone to Mexico to meet with some Mexican men. We sat together in a room and I began explaining a proposition I had for them. The men cultivated a plant which resembled marijuana (but wasn't marijuana) which I wanted to buy. I explained to them that my father could use the plant in the United States in some kind of manufacturing process with which he was involved.

I only wanted to buy four pounds of the plant and I only wanted to pay $40 a pound. I knew the men were already selling the plant for that price to another American who used it as fodder for his livestock. I explained that if all went well with the initial buy, we would buy more the next time.

The men said they would have to have $40 a pint for the plant. I assumed four pints were in a pound and that they therefore wanted $160 a pound, far more than I wanted to pay. I re-explained the figures and finally one man seemed to grasp my proposal. He said he was for it and the others also then agreed.

I knew the men also raised a crop of marijuana and I explained that if our transaction went well with the non-marijuana plant, we intended to also start buying quantities of marijuana from them to smuggle into the United States. They seemed to be in agreement.

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