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Dream of: 18 December 1986 (2) "Using Metaphors"

While Weinstein and I were sitting in a room together talking, he mentioned something about doing something to have a good time. I thought he might want to go to a bar and drink something alcoholic. I wasn't excited by the idea but I wasn't completely uninterested either. I told him the problem was that it might take a week of drinking alcohol in the bar before we really started having a good time and he agreed.

We walked outside and as I talked I used two figures of speech in the same sentence. Weinstein made an obscure comment about my use of metaphors, but I caught his meaning. I told him I liked metaphors, particularly since I rarely used them and I therefore endowed them with more impact. Weinstein replied that he was surprised it had taken me so long to learn how to use them. I playfully responded, "Why you ...."

I began forming a snowball from some snow which covered the street. Weinstein ran ahead of me and I threw the snowball at him, but missed. I began forming another one and Weinstein either jumped or fell into a pile of snow in the middle of the street. I ran up to where he had fallen and thought, "The disappearance of Weinstein."

I wondered what I should do if a car came down the street. I would need to stop it to be sure it didn't hit Weinstein.

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