Dream of: 18 December 1986 "Scathed But Victorious"

I was the leader of a group of six or seven men who, like me, were dressed in what looked like black cowboy suits and cowboy hats. Each of us had a type of electronic gun at our side which I had forbidden anyone to use. We had fought amongst ourselves once before with negative results.

While one man and I were standing apart from the others I decided to ambush him with my gun. I pulled it out and began shooting at him. The gun emitted tiny, round, spark-like shots which flew out of the barrel in rapid succession. The sparks hit the man I had aimed at, but to my surprise they didn't kill him. They only seemed to be gradually wounding him. I continued shooting.

The other man pulled out his gun and began shooting back. Two more men quickly joined the battle and the four of us violently shot at each other. Some sparks hitting my forehead felt like bursts of heat. I lay on my back, held up my boot-clad feet for protection and as some sparks struck the soles, I felt the heat.

As the battle continued it became evident I was the strongest. The others gradually fell and crawled about as they continued to shoot. I sought cover behind a wall and shot mercilessly at the men. One by one they became too weak to shoot back. I emerged scathed but victorious. Yet I felt a tinge of pity for the others as I looked at their stricken, yet not lifeless, bodies lying before me. One moaned something about .".. Sunday always ...."

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