Dream of: 16 December 1986 "Elgin Poet"

While walking in the halls of a school in Portsmouth, Ohio, I encountered Helen (whom I first met in 1964 when we were in the seventh grade together at Grant Junior High School in Portsmouth, Ohio). As we began talking, we passed a fellow telling someone he could speak French and German and I thought how I could also speak French and German as well as Spanish.

As Helen and I walked down some stairs, she told me that she had been studying Spanish and that she spoke a few words. I told her it sounded as if she had a good accent and I added that she would only need five more years to be able to speak the language.

We walked outside and headed north on Gay Street in the vicinity of Second or Third Street. Ahead of us on the corner of Gallia and Gay were two tall red-brick buildings on each side of Gay Street. I identified the building on the left as the Hurth Hotel. The two buildings were the only large ones in Portsmouth and I mentioned that not much would be left if the Hurth Hotel were torn down.

I remembered the Laroy Theater had once stood on the corner of Gallia and Gay, but it had been torn down to widen Gay Street. I said, "It's hard to believe a theater once stood there."

Helen asked, "Was Dante an Elgin poet?"

I replied that he was. She said she had dreamed the previous night of Dante's being an Elgin poet and having something to do with the color green. I thought that was remarkable because the previous day I had spoken to her about those points. Obviously I had influenced her dream, which pleased me, because I had been wanting to do just that.

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