Dream of: 10 December 1986 (2) "Spirit Possession"

A slender attractive woman (probably in her early 20s) with long brown hair and I were standing at the foot of a flight of stairs. I had wanted her to do something for me and she had hesitated. As I looked at her something, rather incredible became quite clear to me and I asked, "Do you know that you're possessed? I mean really possessed?"

I had suddenly realized her spirit was possessed by some kind of harmful force. She looked at me incredulously; but I could see that for the first time she was also realizing what I was saying might be true. She seemed confused and uncertain what to do and I thought I might be able to help.

I felt I had a certain amount of power to combat the possession of spirits; but I had never used my power and I was uncertain how to proceed. I thought perhaps if I simply touched the woman with my fingers I might be able to affect her.

I stretched out my right arm toward her and she reached her hand toward me, but we were too far apart to touch and we couldn't seem to move closer at first. We continued to stretch toward each other until it appeared we were just about to touch fingers. I didn't know what to expect perhaps a shock or jolt of some kind, perhaps nothing perceptible.

Finally my fingers reached hers, but to my astonishment I felt nothing. Indeed I continued moving toward her and my arm passed through her as if she were vapor. I was a bit confused. Her image began to dissipate completely and in its place I saw a clear image of my own head staring wide-eyed, disbelieving.

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