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Dream of: 10 December 1986 "Mogreb"

I was traveling with a group of perhaps 50 people in a place which seemed like the United States but which very much reminded me of India. Some of the people reminded me of schoolmates from my early years of grade school. I reflected how I had come to know them simply by having been in the same class room with them.

We began hastily boarding a large bus; it was important that we leave the area as soon as possible, but some people hadn't returned to the bus and I became anxious because I sensed danger if we didn't depart soon.

One young fellow already on the bus with me was named Whitney. I knew him fairly well and I told him to go back and look for a certain person who hadn't yet made it to the bus. He departed.

I waited as some more foot-draggers showed up. I saw Dave Wisener (a former high school schoolmate) arrive and also noticed Walter Mondale walking toward the bus.

It suddenly occurred to me that I might have made a mistake by having sent Whitney. I knew a source of grave danger was nearby and that Whitney could possibly become ensnared.

I spoke with one of my companions on the bus and told him we should go back out and look for Whitney; but my companion was extremely reluctant for he knew of the danger outside. I admitted to him that if we went out we might die; but I told him that if we did die we would have achieved victory. I explained that it wouldn't be the victory of having actually found Whitney, but that by dying while pursuing such a worthy cause we would have died victoriously.

I began massaging the back of my companion's neck in hopes of relieving some of his tension. Finally, I wrenched myself from the bus and my companion followed. The streets were filled with throngs of menacing-looking people. Danger seemed to lurk all about; but I felt that the central danger was in a cave-like place which we needed to find and which I envisioned as being filled with slimy, snake-like animals as well as other dreadful creatures.

Suddenly, in the crowd I saw a boy (perhaps 10 years old) whom I recognized and grabbed. Since the boy had the same name as the person I had sent Whitney to find, I thought perhaps Whitney had found the boy and mistaken him for the other person.

My suspicions were almost immediately confirmed as I began questioning the boy. Indeed, upon being interrogated the boy (who seemed to be a thoroughly reprobate character) finally admitted he had led Whitney to the dreaded cave. Whitney hadn't known what to expect and had been overcome by a dreadful creature inside which the boy called "Mogreb" and described as an extremely long snake.

The thought of my entering the cave in search of Whitney made me extremely uneasy since I thought my chances of survival were slim. Yet I felt I must go and that if I met my end it would be a worthy one.

I asked the boy, referring to Whitney, "Was he dead?"

He answered, "For all intents and purposes. Mogreb attacked him, and filled his veins with venom, which caused him to stand with the thousands of other victims looking with transfixed eyes into space. When I saw what had happened I turned and ran like the wind."

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