Dream of: 18 November 1986 "Recalcitrant Wolf"

I was riding in what appeared to be a carriage around a type of circular arena. The two men in the seat in the carriage with me were training some wolves to walk in step.

Behind our carriage was another carriage, perhaps 20 meters back, drawn by some wolves. I had helped raise one of the wolves and had become quite close to it. Although it was near and dear to me, it had refused to let itself become fully tamed. Now in the midst of its training I was concerned that it might become recalcitrant; and the penalty for that might be death.

I identified with the wolf's recalcitrant nature. I likewise had recently been defiant when I should have submitted. I had suffered therefore and still felt pain.

The carriage behind us also seemed connected to our carriage by a long chain. Someone was also standing in the grandstand watching the defile and apparently to some extent directing it.

The man directing the training from the carriages was sitting immediately to my left in the middle of the seat. The driver of the carriage was sitting on the other side of him. The man beside me was robust and in the prime of life. I had no particular love for him, but understood his authority.

The carriage behind us moved around the ring, came to a curve and correctly negotiated it. However the wolf I cared for then began turning in the opposite direction it was supposed to go and directed the other wolves attached to the carriage along with it. The movement wasn't merely a casual one, but one made in obvious direct defiance of the prescribed motion.

The man in the stands immediately called out and seemed to order that the wolf be killed. The man next to me, who had the final say in the matter, seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then motioned the man driving the coach next to him to go back to the wolf. I immediately knew the driver was going to kill the wolf by knocking him in the head with a sledge hammer. I turned to the man and with firm resolve pleaded, "Give him to me."

My being was bent on having the wolf. Yet the man turned his head from me. I pleaded again and finally with some concern that he might be making a mistake, he relented and said, "Go take him."

I was flooded with emotion. I opened up the door to run back to my wolf. Anyone else he would growl at, but me he would let throw my arms around his warm husky body. He was mine.

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