Dream of: 11 November 1986 "Called By God"

I was with a man whom I had known for quite some time and who seemed to have been having difficulty finding his place in life. As we stood in a room and talked, he suddenly announced his decision to become a priest. I was somewhat taken aback and hardly knew what to say. I inquired, "A Catholic priest? A Jewish priest? Or what? There are many different kinds of priests."

He stated that he wasn't going to be a priest for any particular religion. He had simply been called by God to be a priest, without any religious affiliations. Relieved by his last statement, I reached my arms out, clasped him, and pulled him to me. I hugged him tightly, feeling in touch with what he was saying. I myself, although I wasn't called to be a priest, felt I had received a somewhat similar call from God. I could strongly relate to him.

When I finally released him, we both turned to a window and looked outside. As he continued talking about his plans, it struck me that he was going to have difficulty because he would be alone and not belong to any religious group. But I was still glad he would be unaffiliated; otherwise I wouldn't have been able to relate with him.

Outside the window, to our right, students were walking on the street toward a high school. Among them was a pretty girl, who, from a distance, appeared to have her shirt open in front, exposing herself. But when she drew closer, I saw that she was wearing a beige sweater under her shirt. I wanted to point her out to my companion, to illustrate the fact that he could no longer have relations with women. But suddenly something struck me and I blurted out, "But you are already married."

Indeed I recalled that he already had a wife. He reacted rather meekly and mumbled something about having to take care of that matter. As we discussed the situation further, I continued looking out the window and noticed that I could actually see the man's wife near the school, not far from us. She was standing on the sidewalk, talking with another man. Only now did I realize that she was someone I knew, Cathy.

When my companion also noticed his wife talking with the other man, he immediately became intrigued by what they were doing. Obviously he suspected that his wife had been having an affair with the other man. My friend even stepped outside for a moment, but quickly stepped back in, afraid that his wife might see him. But it was too late—having spotted him, his wife instantly started walking toward us

She stepped inside and immediately took the offensive. She said something about "Steven Collier" as if I had somehow done something wrong. She also mentioned something about Mexico.

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