Dream of: 10 November 1986 (3) "Gigantic Worm"

I had discovered marks that appeared to be injuries on each of my legs. They were circular and about two centimeters in diameter. I looked at the one on my right leg, just above my knee; it was very dark and almost appeared to have a black scab on it. But it also looked as if it consisted of a bunch of tiny black worms. I looked at it closer to make sure it wasn't infected with worms.

Indeed, I saw a large worm sticking out of the sore; I immediately became alarmed. The worm wasn't black, but reddish like an earth worm. I grabbed it and began pulling. It was a struggle, but finally it began to come out. To my astonishment and alarm the worm became increasingly larger as I pulled on it. I finally grabbed it with my right hand and it was about the size of my wrist in diameter.

It was terrible to think that the worm was actually inside my leg. I continued pulling; I estimated that the worm was about a meter in diameter. It wasn't causing me any pain while I pulled it, but I was afraid that by extracting it like this I might be causing myself some serious damage. Nevertheless I continued pulling the gigantic worm out of my leg.

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