Dream of: 10 November 1986 (2) "Evil Forces"

I was with a woman (probably in her late 20s) who was staying as a guest in the house where I was living. She was slender, a little shorter than I and she looked Hispanic. She had long, very black hair and dark eyes. As she was sitting next to me, we had gradually moved closer until I put my arms around her. I was attracted to her, but as of yet we were only friends.

My mother walked into the room. Although my mother did not insinuate that the woman and I were doing anything improper, she did want me to do something for her and I had to leave for a short while. When I returned from my errand, the Hispanic woman had gone upstairs. Since I did not think my following the Hispanic woman would be appropriate, I lay down on a couch and began watching television.

To my surprise, as I was watching the television, something indistinct came right out of the wall next to me. At first I did not pay much attention to the oddity and continued watching television. When a commercial came on about lather coming from a can, however, I looked at the wall behind the couch and saw some lather (exactly like that on television) coming out of the wall. I cupped my right hand over the lather. I had thought the lather had only been in my imagination or an hallucination, but I now found that my hand indeed contained lather.

When I smeared some lather on my other hand, I could definitely feel it. I stood and walked into the next room where I found my mother. Standing in front of her, I held open the palms of my hands and asked, "Is there any lather in my hands?"

She told me there was. With the confirmation that I was not simply imagining the lather, I told her about what had happened. I noticed the lather was quickly drying and soon I only had small clumps of what appeared to be dull-orangish pieces of soap in each hand. I decided the event was significant enough to go upstairs and relate it to the Hispanic woman. I headed up the stairs.

The entrance to the Hispanic woman's upstairs room consisted of two large, wooden sliding doors, one of which was open. I walked through the door and found her lying on her bed watching television. She was wearing a short nightie which barely covered the tops of her legs. She seemed somewhat surprised to see me as I rattled off what had happened. She did not seem impressed and when I showed her the clumps of soap-like substance, she simply said she had used that kind of lather herself.

After I decided to leave, I walked back downstairs where I was surprised to find my maternal uncle Liston Halley and two of his sons in the room where I had been earlier. Apparently, my mother (also still in the room) had brought my uncle in to investigate the lather-phenomenon which had occurred. My uncle was busily examining the wall; I pointed out that the same type of thing had happened twice and had been in a different place each time.

I was concerned that my uncle and his sons would not be able to find anything and that the lather would not come from the wall again. They might not even believe that the lather had ever come from the wall. But they did seem very diligent in their scrutiny.

I gradually realized we were not downstairs, but in one of the middle upstairs rooms of the Gay Street House. When my father showed up and began looking around, it occurred to me that my uncle and the others planned to perform an exorcism because they thought that an evil spirit was at work there. Since my uncle was a minister, he apparently knew to some degree how to deal with that sort of thing.

Sitting on a mantel next to the site they were investigating were two collages which I had recently made. Suddenly, as if with a will of its own, one collage began moving. My uncle immediately became alarmed and motioned everyone back. Then both collages began moving.

Pandemonium seemed to break out. Although my uncle and his sons seemed to know what they were doing, some kind of magnetic force seemed to have control over them. Their bodies were suddenly pulled onto the floor next to the wall and the collages were also pulled down. The force released the people and the collages and reorganized them several times in different orders much like bits of colored glass in a kaleidoscope. When the force held them, everyone was completely immobilized and fixed in a certain position.

I thought my uncle might have been trying to point a cross at the wall to combat the accursed force. When I remembered that one of the collages (which I had just completed and which was mostly black on the surface) had a picture of a cross on it, I thought it might help if the collage were pointed toward the wall.

My father also was drawn into the event and his body became rigid as the force overpowered it. When the force finally relaxed again, I ran over, grabbed my father by the legs and pulled him away from the wall. The others had recovered their senses, but my father was still rigid and paralyzed. I placed my hands in his hands and could feel him clasping my hands, but I was worried: he almost seemed possessed. I imagined his eyes flashing open and his appearing to be some evil-possessed spirit.

He was still completely rigid and I could not bring him back. I thought that indeed an evil spirit had perniciously overcome him and that he was dying. It seemed that half of his life force was already gone and at best only half of him could be brought back. I cried out, "Dad's dead. He's dying."

Very frightened, I vaguely realized that some evil forces still could frighten me.

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