Dream of: 10 November 1986 "Wolf Attack"

I found myself walking along a country road near a farm where some people I knew were living. As I crossed over a small bridge, I looked down and saw a large animal dash from under the bridge out onto a snow-covered field. Almost immediately I recognized from its gray coat that the animal was a wolf. I had never seen a wolf in the wild and was impressed by its enormous size and muscular build. My eyes followed the wolf until it approached what appeared to be a small boy in the distance. But the person was actually a woman—and the wolf was about to attack her.

I watched in astonishment as the wolf pounced upon the woman. A man near the woman successfully fought off the wolf for a moment; but the wolf attacked again. I hollered to the people at the farm that someone needed to go aid the woman. I didn't think I could make it there in time because I was so far away; but suddenly realized I must go try to help.

I had to cross over a fence; when I did so, I tore a thin board off the top of the fence and carried the board with me. As I proceeded across the field, I noticed a second man now helping against the wolf's relentless attacks. I reached the scene much sooner than I had expected. The wolf had been temporarily beaten back and was collecting itself for another attack.

The woman (about 40 years old) looked like an ordinary farm woman. I motioned for her to stand behind me, which she did. The wolf turned toward me and began its approach. It broke into a run and leaped at me. It was as large as me. It seemed almost human in a way. It was monstrous. Although highly alert and aware of the immediate danger, I wasn't afraid. I was, however, extremely alarmed.

The wolf reached me with his mouth open and his teeth flashing. His bulky fur seemed for a moment to be multi-colored. I acted without hesitation and crammed my board (about a meter long) into his throat. When I felt the board enter the wolf's throat, I pushed with all my might until the entire length of the board was in the wolf's throat. The wolf halted with his mouth open. He couldn't close it. But he still represented a danger—he could attack with his savage claws. I motioned the woman to stay behind me. The wolf faltered and stumbled back. We had a moment to breathe and it appeared we might be able to get away. The other men drew closer to help. I began to feel surprised that I had actually acted as I had.

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