Dream of: 04 November 1986 "Quitting High School"

I had been attending a high school when I suddenly became fed-up with it and decided to quit. I didn't understand why it hadn't occurred to me before that I didn't need to go to high school. Although I had never completed high school, I had still managed to go on to college and law school. I was a licensed attorney and could find a job without going through all the nonsense of high school.

I walked to the principal's office to tell the principal, Charles Adams (principal when I was in high school) of my decision. He already knew about it and he indicated I should wait to talk with him while he finished talking with some children who looked as if they were in the first grade. I sat down, waited a few minutes and then went back to the classroom I had just left to finish clearing out my things.

Going through my desk I found five tiny pills. I knew they were some kind of drug that I had acquired from Mike Martin (who had also reminded me of Mike Walls). The pills began to seem very large and I wanted to get rid of them. I definitely didn't want to take them and I simply wanted to be free of them, but I was uncertain exactly where I should put them. I was concerned that if I put them in my pocket I might be searched as I was leaving the school.

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