Dream of: 02 November 1986 "L.A. Law"

I had been thinking about the law which says that a person's body must be buried or cremated at death. My imagination had been sparked by a show on the television series "L.A. Law" where a man had sued the government challenging the law. I was likewise considering bringing suit to contest the constitutionality of the law.

One reason I wanted to sue was because I myself would like to have a human skeleton. Medical schools were allowed to have skeletons for educational purposes and I thought it would be very instructive and educational for me to be able to look at one.

The details of how I would go about such a legal action were quite vague. I didn't know if I would bring the suit in my name or in someone else's name. Some theories of my suit began to flow. I felt that society had a fear of death and that the law demonstrated that fear.

Pruitt (a Dallas attorney) walked into the room where I was and I thought I would talk to him about the case. I said, "You may think I'm crazy for what I want to do, but ...." I then explained to him my idea. I said, "I don't know yet who to sue, the state government or the federal government."

We both thought it would probably be the state government. Pruitt said he had often sued the state government. He said he would just send a man (whose name sounded like "Gil Galyean") a notice of the suit and then he would meet him in court. I commented that the man probably called Pruitt a "twerp" when he saw him in court.

I thought I would probably have to file a declaratory action instead of a regular law suit, probably in Gallia County, Ohio. It would certainly give me an opportunity to learn a lot of Ohio law.

I mentioned the television show "L.A. Law" to Pruitt but I didn't receive any response from him.

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