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Dream of: 31 October 1986 (2) "Stored Power"

I was in an upper story of a building (probably the fourth or fifth floor) with a fellow who somewhat reminded me of Pete Duncan (a Portsmouth acquaintance). The room we were in covered the entire floor and was shaped like a rectangle with the two sides (which measured about 30 meters) being four or five times longer than the ends.

On one side of the room were some windows which hung on hinges on their sides and which could be thrown open. I opened the windows and looked out. Directly in front of me about two meters away was the top of a tall slender tree. The branches of the tree were rather strange because they curved back around connecting to the tree to form loops.

I had somehow become convinced that it would be possible for me to jump out of the window, float to the ground, and land safely below. Suddenly, I stood on the casement of the open window and leaped. But I didn't fall to the ground. Instead I had jumped like a squirrel into the branches of the tree and was holding on for dear life. I was concerned about my situation and had abandoned my endeavor to float to the ground. Instead I simply wanted to return to the room. And I quickly found myself back inside.

Three companions, including the one who looked like Pete, were in the room. They were probably all in their 30s and seemed like a jovial although somewhat ludicrous bunch. They were comical in a way. We were all trying to figure out how to get out of the room and back to the ground below. But we couldn't seem to find an exit. We paced over the length and breadth of the room and kept coming back to look wistfully out the window. Once I remarked that it might be possible to jump onto the tree and shimmy down it. But looking at the tree again I didn't know where I had gotten the courage to jump onto its limbs the first time. It simply looked to far away to risk. What if I should jump and miss? I didn't want to take the chance.

We walked back and forth. I had earlier explained to the fellow who reminded me of Pete my theory about being able to float to the ground. Suddenly, I looked toward the window and saw Pete standing in front of it in the long, black cloak he was wearing. Without warning he leapt out the window. I envisioned disastrous results. Indeed as the rest of us ran to the window and threw them wide open we heard a dull thud as if a body had heavily hit the ground below. I didn't want to look. But glancing outside I realized the thud we had heard was simply the window hitting against the tree when we had opened it. And looking into the tree I saw the fellow precariously holding onto its branches. He likewise managed to come back inside and once again we walked the length and breadth of the room seeking an exit.

Suddenly, it occurred to me that I hadn't checked the wall on the opposite side of the room from the window. I began scrutinizing it and found buried behind some clutter another window. I was able to reach it, open it and discover that right outside was an earthen patio covered with grass. I slipped through the window and onto the patio. A little farther ahead of me were some steps leading down. I took them to another level, found some more steps and followed them all the way down to the bottom. I had actually only descended about a dozen steps when I found myself on ground level.

I hollered back to the others and they quickly began following me. Before they could reach me I passed through a small fence on a sidewalk and encountered two elderly women and a small dog. I thought perhaps the women might live in the building and wonder what we had been doing there, but they said nothing.

My three companions reached me and I noticed that two of them were wearing bright, multi-colored sandals which looked as if they had come from Mexico. I however had left my shoes back upstairs and was only wearing a pair of socks. I thought one of the fellows was also only wearing socks but looking again realized he likewise had on a pair of colored sandals. I felt odd without shoes but I certainly didn't want to return upstairs for them.

We began walking along the sidewalk seemingly headed toward some kind of carnival or fair. I decided to try something I hadn't done in a while—to float—by using a method I had previously tried. I turned my right leg up behind me bent at the knee and grabbed my big toe with my right hand. My knee was thus raised about a half meter off the ground. I then did the same thing with my left leg so that both legs were completely off the ground. It was awkward at first. I was able to float in the air but my knees kept bouncing against the ground somewhat like a ball. However I was able to begin controlling my direction and bounced along beside my companions. Gradually I gained more control, finally let go of my toes and floated along in a reclining position. I enjoyed the wonderful sensation. I seemed to be a wisp of something or a leaf in the air.

My companions didn't seem to know what to think. A number of people were standing and sitting on the sidewalk and nearby grass. As I floated along I would occasionally lightly bump against something somewhat as a leaf floating on a stream of water might bump against a rock and then pass on by. Some people seemed curious at my floating ability but not particularly concerned.

Some people were seated under a small tree;  some seemed to have come from India. As I became more confident in my floating ability I began to notice several women among the people I was passing and I scraped against some of them. I thought I must be rather impressive to them. Then I noticed that an Indian woman dressed in a long, red sari with her head covered but face open had purposely placed herself in my path. I confidently floated—reclined on my side—toward her. Finally, I lodged against her waist like a log against a pier.

It occurred to me how over the years I had developed a certain amount of power in dealing with women. Indeed I had been involved with many different women in my life. But gradually I had developed a certain ability to interact with them that gave me a pronounced degree of control over them. However I clearly realized much of my power was dependent upon using it in interacting with the right woman and not squandering it unnecessarily. As I lay lodged against the black-haired, dark-eyed woman in front of me such thoughts flowed through my mind.

The woman could obviously detect the amount of stored energy I contained. I reached out my right hand and stroked the hair from her face. She was young—perhaps not more than 20 years old. She had attractive features but I was most interested in her eyes. I thought they would tell me what I needed to know—whether she was strong enough to bring our destinies together.

All attraction for her was strictly of a spiritual nature. No words were exchanged but we communicated at an intense level. She gradually began to appear immature and unrefined. She was obviously not what I was looking for and not someone I would care to waste my energy upon. However I was unsure whether she was simply undeveloped or was in fact lewd. It occurred to me that she might even be a prostitute. As I looked her over I thought I heard her say, "Oh come on," as if I needed to complete my scrutiny. I thought of satisfying my puzzlement by asking, "How much?" but I didn't want to offend her in case she wasn't a prostitute and so I said nothing. I was ready to move on.

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