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Dream of: 30 October 1986 "Clearing Trees"

I had been working in a forest on top a large hill, cutting down trees with a chain saw to make a road through the forest along the top of the hill. I left the work for a while and when I returned, I found that my step-grandfather Clarence had taken a bulldozer and pushed over a number of trees for the road in my absence.

There was already a road bed where there had once been a road which had long ago grown over. I had been following that old road when I had been cutting the trees. I now discovered however that Clarence had strayed off the old road when he had been knocking over trees with his bulldozer and had cut a large swath of trees along the side of the hill which wasn't on the road bed. I looked over the number of trees large and small which lay fallen and broken. I was concerned that Clarence had strayed onto someone else's property and managed to do considerable damage.

However I went back to work with the project and tried to maintain a positive attitude. But when I began working again I realized just how small a piece of road had been cleared. I had earlier been under the impression that I had already completed a much larger stretch.

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