Dream of: 25 October 1986 (3) "Pictures In The Commode"

I went to the Gay Street House, where my mother was living, and stayed over night in the upstairs back bedroom. The next morning I rose and went to the toilet. As I stood in front of the mirror and combed my hair (leaving the part where it was) I looked down into the commode and saw some feces, some of my books, and some of my collage pictures.

I walked into another room and began hollering for my mother. I saw a woman I did not know, then I encountered Jo Ann Meisel (a friend of my mother's) and she told me that someone was living in an apartment on the other side of the House and that I should not bother them.

I knew my sister and her two sons, David and Steven, were also there in the house. I immediately went into the room where they were and I accused Steven of having thrown my collage pictures in the commode. Indeed, at that moment Steven had one of my collage pictures in his hands. I grabbed the picture from his hands and said, "Get your grubby little hands off my things."

After explaining to my sister what had happened, I walked back into the bathroom where I found my mother and Meisel cleaning the commode. Finally, they cleaned up everything.

Apparently, a black woman had defecated in the commode. She was still in the room and I began berating her for having defecated in the commode. A black fellow was also present and I spoke with him about the law as I tried to decide whether there was any law against what the black woman had done. I told the black fellow I did not know anything about the law on that subject, but he seemed very informed in the area. He said there was a law against squatting down and defecating, and also a law against a woman defecating where she could be seen by a man, but there was no law against defecating in a commode and leaving the feces there.

I spoke to the black woman again and I told her the law apparently protected people like her who left their feces in commodes.

It finally occurred to me that I had been dreaming. I pulled out my cassette player and began recording the dream. I said, "I was in Portsmouth, Ohio. And I was in the military. And I had gone to Gay Street to spend the night."

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