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Dream of: 24 October 1986 (2) "Dream Exchange"

After awakening from a long sleep, I went to see Judith (a Dallas acquaintance), who was living in a cottage. When I arrived I walked into a large, well-furnished living room in which Judith was sitting at the far end. She seemed surprised to see me and said, "Steve!"

I felt a little awkward -- not from meeting Judith, but about myself and what I was doing. Judith however seemed quite happy, cheerful and glad to see me. I hadn't seen Judith for quite a while. Previously we had been involved in meeting every Wednesday so one of us could read his or her dreams to the other, but we hadn't exchanged dreams for several months. For some reason, without even notifying her, I had quit going to our meetings. I had also just sent her a letter a couple days before saying I wouldn't be reading my dreams to her anymore. She had probably only just received the letter, so it was probably a real surprise for her seeing me now appear, especially since I had also not seen her in such a long time.

In the meantime Judith had begun having the same kind of dream exchange relationship with a couple other people. One of the others was a man (in his mid 20s) who had long blond hair. The time the other people usually came for the meetings was on Wednesday at 5:30. Although I hadn't thought about it before, I looked at my watch and saw that it was 5:25. By chance I had arrived at just about the time of her usual meeting. I asked her if she was expecting anyone this evening and she said she didn't think anyone was coming today. So I thought perhaps she and I might go ahead and exchange dreams.

But actually the main reason I had come was to tell Judith good-bye. I was leaving the country on a trip and I wasn't going to be in town any longer.

But since I was here anyway I told her I could read my dreams to her although my dreams lately had seemed rather ordinary. I had some dreams with me although I hadn't yet transcribed from cassette tape the dreams of the last four or five days. I thought perhaps she could read me some of her dreams instead, but I was unsure she would be amenable to that idea.

One thing I wanted to tell Judith was that I had started receiving a publication called the "Letter Exchange" which was for people who wanted to exchange letters. I wanted to mention to her that one piece of advice in the publication was that a member of the opposite sex shouldn't correspond with someone in prison. I wanted to tell her about that because I knew she had once corresponded with someone in prison.

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