Dream of: 24 October 1986 "Convicted Of Murder"

I was in a foreign country and was watching a man who was thinking about killing someone. The man (probably in his mid 30s) seemed like a very strange, eccentric fellow. Ramo was there and the man told Ramo what he was going to do.

The murder took place and afterwards I realized I was the one who had actually planned and committed the murder. My only mistake had been that I had told Ramo a critical detail that might be used to trace the murder back to me.

Finally indeed the authorities did trace the murder back to me and I was arrested. Within just a few hours I plea bargained with the authorities, pled guilty, received a five year sentence and was sent to prison.

When I arrived at the prison I found that it wasn't that bad because I was allowed to go out into the community during the day and then return at night. The prison also had quite a relaxed atmosphere about it.

The first day after I got there I left and found myself in Portsmouth even though the prison was in another country and I still had to return to it that evening. I encountered my father and spoke with him. He still was unaware of what had happened to me. Another fellow was also with me. As the three of us walked along I addressed my father and said, "Dad I've got to tell you something."

I began explaining to him what had happened. He was quite upset about the matter. I had asked someone back at the prison about the possibility of getting out on parole after three years but had been told that I would have to serve out the entire five years.

My father seemed concerned about my welfare. He knew I had been in prison once before so this was my second time. I felt bad because he was upset. I explained to him how I was still able to leave the prison during the days. I was unsure, but thought I might even be able to work in a law office. I might be able to still work as a lawyer and be able to explain to people what prison life was really like. So even though my situation wasn't good, it could have been much worse.

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